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fanart - ed spilled his coffee...

Hey :D never posted here before, though I randomly look around... But now, I've got some fanart to share with y'all...

Should I say cross dressing warnings? and alota scary bows... And yes, it is Edward...

Don't ask why Ed's in the dress. Winry probably made him wear it. XD;; Mhh.. The coffee (yes, that brown spot IS coffee...) While, my friend said that Ed drinks alot of coffee, and the wedding dress needed a splash of colour, thus -> coffee spill on the dress.

Ahem, if you cant read my wonderfull writing ed is saying...
"!" 'Winrys gonna kill me!'
al says "niisan" (whatelse? XD)
and winry is just.. there.

the cup says "best automail mechanic ever"

Yay. I drew this in the middle of the night, so forgive me. Hope ya like it :D

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