pretty much the nostalgia chick (vikki) wrote in fm_alchemist,
pretty much the nostalgia chick

uh ... Ed in Prison, anyone?

This is the first part of a fic in which Edward has been thrown in prison for creating a Philosopher's Stone with human lives. This universe is based on 'In Living Memory' by mikkeneko - if you read that fic first, this will make more sense, but you don't have to read it to understand. (Although you ought to! It's great!)

be warned: SPOILERS FOR EPISODE 45 AND BEYOND. Not in *this* chapter, but in chapters to come.

Title: Stolen
based off In Living Memory by mikkeneko
A prison!fic.

Rated: R for some incredibly foul language.

Summary: Ed gets a new look.

( Showers were three minutes long at Third Central Prison, no more, no less. )

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