chloe christine (sleepingsun) wrote in fm_alchemist,
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Yay :D

A while back....somebody (I can't remember who it was) said something about EnvyxSloth being the OTP 'cause Envy is a palm tree....and Sloth is the water....and palm trees are on islands....and water surrounds I was thinking if EnvyxSloth is the OTP...

...then the OT3 must be EnvyxSlothxEd because there are shrimp in the ocean that surrounds the island with palm tree :0

And I drew OMFG BEST PICTURE EVAR to prove it :D

Yes, I know how jealous everyone is of my OMFG AWESOME drawing skillz!!!111

Oh....and this too..... ('Cause everyone knows that Frank the Goat is really Archer....)


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