Chronicles1289 (chornicles1289) wrote in fm_alchemist,

I Love Messing With People's Minds

so i had another thought (i have a little too much time on my hands)

here's my little debate theory question.
so we know how a homunculus is born from a human...
well... they didn't show much of the process that went on in King Bradley's transmutation (if you could even call it that).
we finally get to see the process through Ling.

so here are my thoughts and questions:
1. so, Ling MUST be alive, because of some kind of theory involving the body mind and soul... (Al's soul transmutation)
2. the same greed must be controlling Ling's Body (because he still uses the reference of old man so and so and including the fact that it talks as if ling were just another person)

i think that was my theory...
i forgot some of it because i was trying to find ed's theory on the body mind and soul...
oh well, it should be fun to talk about.

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