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royai_fiction winter fic contest voting

Per request of the head mod of royai_fiction, I'm pimping out the link to the Winter Gathering fic challenge for voting purposes.


All fanfics written for the challenge (5) are linked in that entry, and comments to that post are screened. Simply read and decide on the best of the lot, and place a vote via a comment to the voting post linked above. The voting will remain open until after the holidays.

You don't need to be a comm member to vote. If you'd like to read a handful of well-written Roy/Riza 'fics, feel free to come over and place a vote. ^_^

fullmetal_info: I disabled comments to eliminate any chance of confusion on where to comment with a vote, so here's the direct link to the post: http://www.livejournal.com/community/fm_alchemist/3724358.html

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