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Hei/Ed support badge!

Because the Roy/Ed interactive support badge (which is supposed to be a crack, but mysteriously turned into one) I've made before received plenty of compliments, I thought I'd make more of them. ^_^ Since I don't have a support badge for Hei/Ed - which is my other OTP, by the way - I looked for some random FMA movie gallery to get some pictures of them; originally, I was going to make a colourbar, but then I thought it would be cooler to make it interactive, so there you have it. ^__^ Hope you enjoy it and feel free to use it as well!

Since the screencaps used in order to make this interactive is from the movie, I'd say a very small movie spoiler, just to make sure. ^_^

( Hei/Ed is love! (fake cut) )

Will probably make an Al/Winry and serious Roy/Ed one next time, but screencaps of them together are pretty hard to find. T_T


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