Misery Hates Company (miserywhip) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Misery Hates Company

so, I had this idea right?

A couple of people made some FMA Christmas tags to share with everyone, and it gave me an idea. Why not make some non Christmas ones?

For birthdays and other such gift giving holidays. There's still a winter theme to some of them, but I tried to avoid the whole "Christmas feel."

Roy: 2
Al: 3
Ed: 5
Winry and Elysia: 1
Sloth, Greed, Lust, Gluttony, Envy, Wrath: 1 of each
Group: 6
including variances of Ross, Bosh, Sciezka, Roy, Riza, Havoc, Falman, Breda, Winry, Fuery and Hughes
and one spoiler for episode 7, if you get my meaning.

Real cut:
Because GJ won't let me upload the picture as big as it is, this is half-size. It makes them look blurry, but they're not. I wouldn't suggest printing this one, but if you're interested in having them provide me with your e-mail address and I'll send the real ones your way. I printed them out on my crappy printer and they look great, so I know the quality is good.

24 in total
I apologize to Envy fans, he's a tad small.

I just kept making them and making them, and realizing I was missing a character so eventually I ran out of room. If there's specific characters anyone would like to see made into a nametag let me know and I'll try and make some of that character.
Space next to the images left blank intentionally to allow creativity on everyone else's part. I doubt everyone would agree on the same font for each picture, but if you want them filled in I can do that.

Oh, and I resized and altered these all on my own - with the exception of Sloth (I forget who made that one.) So any use online please credit me.

- miserywhip on LJ.
- edwardxelric on GJ.

Yeah, so I'm done boring you all. Gonna go write more fics...

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