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All I Want for Christmas - Chapter 3 [RoyxEd]

Behold, chapter three of All I Want for Christmas; Decorate. ;D

Yes, you’re probably thinking “Oh, she ran out of songs so chose a painfully common one this time” which is actually only half-true. First of all, it’s not Deck the Halls, it’s Deck The Halls and Decorate. Pretty much the same yet still different. ; And it’s also a song I did for choir, so that’s were it came from. Oh well, on with the fic anyways.

Title: All I Want for Christmas
Rating: Overall, PG.
Genre: Yaoi, Christmas, Romance, Drama.
Pairing: Roy Mustang and Edward Elric.
Warnings: Yaoi / shonen-ai… Yup, totally a worksafe and light-hearted story.
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA. If I did, it would probably turn into something very, very terrible.
Summary: There was only one thing Ed truly wanted for Christmas this year.

Chapter Summary: “Oh?” Ed could hear the giddy smile in Al’s voice. “That’s very nice of him. Who put the angel on the top of the tree?”

“It was a star, and I did.” The older Elric answered, quickly wishing he hadn’t when he realized Al would push his ‘Roy loves you’ theory again.

Previous Chapters:
Chapter One: Let it Snow
Chapter Two: Blue Christmas

( Omg, a fake cut. o: )

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