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I wrote something that I find rather amusing. I hope you enjoy it as well, it's a conversation I had with a friend of mine just a moment ago. Note: I'm ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll and he is lestat, though he roleplays as Roy Mustang. Enjoy! Also, if this isn't allowed, I'll delete it. Though I think it'll be okay since it pretains to RoyXEdo.

ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Anywho... what about the phonecall?
lestat_le_beau_vampire: what phone call?
lestat_le_beau_vampire: she just called in.. they asked me if I was having sex
lestat_le_beau_vampire: and yadda yadda..
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: >>;;
lestat_le_beau_vampire: smoking..doing drugs..
lestat_le_beau_vampire: dumb shit like that..
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: o.O Have you?
lestat_le_beau_vampire: THEN they got to the part on how I was feeling.
lestat_le_beau_vampire: and have I what? o_o
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: <<;; noooothing
lestat_le_beau_vampire: >____________> -poooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookes-
lestat_le_beau_vampire: what?????
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: Have you been having sex, smoking, doing drugs, yadda yadda yadda
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: X3
lestat_le_beau_vampire: nope ^__^
lestat_le_beau_vampire: I've been a good boy.
lestat_le_beau_vampire: for now.
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: XD
lestat_le_beau_vampire: ^^;
lestat_le_beau_vampire: I couldn't breathe correctly earlier.. >>
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: >>; Watch out Edo's of the real world. Roy is on the hunt. >3
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: oo;
lestat_le_beau_vampire: XD
lestat_le_beau_vampire: << shhh!!
lestat_le_beau_vampire: you'll scare them away >__>;;
lestat_le_beau_vampire: they need not be warned!

ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: -Says so in a discovery channel voice- The Mustang can sense its prey, the feeble-minded Edo, from up to 26 Kilometers from where it rests. They have quick senses, being able to to hear the Edo's distress cries within that distance. As you can see now, the Edo is idly grazing upon literature. But watch out folks, the Mustang is nere. Oh, oh! The Edo has spotted him! And the chase is on. The Edo tries to flee through the back door, but the Mustang --He snaps! Fearful of the higher authority, the Edo has to stand to attention. Mustang has him now. Watch the way he grins while advancing on the smaller mammal, it's just remarkable! Watch the way he caresses the boy's---Bzzt! THIS PROGRAM IS CHILD-BLOCKED.
lestat_le_beau_vampire: Roflmao!
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: >3
lestat_le_beau_vampire: omg that's hilarious!
ll_gothic_chiroptera_ll: -Bows.-
lestat_le_beau_vampire: -Applauds-

Please, don't kill me all at once. o_________o

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