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Icons! Magna100: Jean Havoc

Subject: Jean Havoc; Fullmetal Alchemist
Icon batch count: 12
Total Icons count: 32/100
Original Icon Post: Clickity.
Credit: Various scanlators, raw providers, etc. Some of my own scans. absolutetrouble. teh_indy. squidfingers.
Notes: You can take if you like, as long as you Comment&Credit. It Does Indeed contain spoilers for the manga! Chapters 38+ You've been warned! This batches feature a lot of me coloring in frames, so I'm really asking for credit on those ones if you take them. ♥ It also features animation, and bad French. (If someone could tell me if the French one is correct or not, I'd be grateful so I know to fix it or not. It's been a while since I've had a French class.)

I also wanted to say thank you for everyone's sweet comments. I appreciate all of them, even if I'm lazy and don't get around to telling you all so personally. ♥


08 crimson09 sexy27 determination32 monochrome34 angel

37 silly49 solitude55 eyes56 french57 sniper

58 not now59 high

Lyric Credits:
55. "The sweetest eyes I've ever seen"; Your Song - Elton John
57. "Good eyes sniper"; A Favor House Atlantic - Coheed and Cambria

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