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Fic: BarryFarman

Some time ago, I started writing some stories about Barry and Farman and their adventures back when they were stuck in that apartment after chapter 30. I'm just surprised no one wrote about these two yet.

Part I
Part II
Part III
Part IV
Part V
Part VI
Part VII

Title: Butou is the Dancing Song
Author/Artist: terrierlee
Warnings: Dancing :D!
Rating: PG
Pairings: BarryFarman
Summary: Barry gets bored just when their neighbor gets a piano.
Author's Notes: I wrote this during the time when I was outta power after Hurricane Wilma hit and so I never got around to typing it up XD

It was a normal day, as normal as it could get when you're trapped in an apartment with an ex-serial killer whose soul was encased in a suit of armor. And said serial killer was bored.

Really bored. You wouldn't believe how bored he was. Well you would if you were one of the many who were trapped without power after Wilma hit South Florida, but really, let's get back on subject.

Barry the Chopper was bored. So bored, that not even chess made him squee with glee. Yes, something had to be done. The only question is... what?

Since the whole wedding fiasco, Riza had stopped coming over to visit seeing as how Barry found a new love. Havoc just couldn't stand Barry and Farman's crackish moments when he was around, so he promptly stopped visiting. Roy was far too busy procastinating to help, and technically, they were the only three who even KNEW Farman was watching over Barry. As far as the rest of the military was concerned, Farman was out taking a vacation in Xing with Maria Ross.

So here Barry was, bored out of his hollow mind with an equally bored buff man across from him. Time passed as slow as when Ed battled Scar and was too pathetic and slow to fight Scar. Yes. Something had to be done. And that something began when their next door neighbor pawned for a piano.

It all started later that morning. Barry peeked out of the window and saw the neighbor squeeing in glee at the large box entering their apartment room. As soon as their front door shut, banging noises began to emerge from the inside. The noise was so loud, it awoke Farman from his deep slumber. The buff old man jumped from his bed and his eyes almost opened from the pain his head endured. With one hand rubbing his head, Farman walked out into the living room where a hyper suit of armor awaited him.

"Chief! Chief! Guess what!" Barry by now had run up to the poor man whose head hurt from a bump on the head and grasped the fleshy hands into his own armored ones.

"Guess what Chief! Guess what!" After spending some time with the so-called serial killer, Farman had grown used to Barry's insane antics and frankly, just chose to play along so to pass the time quite quickly. But after the whole marriage bit, Farman didn't know how much more he could take.

Barry seemed to get more and more personal with each passing day that they stayed in the cramped apartment. And with each hour, Farman wasn't sure how he could stand Barry much longer. As the minutes rolled on, Barry continued and continued until Farman snapped at the last second. Of course, it was only now did Farman actually acknowledge what Barry was carrying on about.

"You want to WHAT!?"

"C'mon Chief! It's not like anyone can see what we're doing and we're bored anyway! What's the harm?"

"There's no way I'll ever do that Barry. Why don't we just play another ten rounds of chess to pass the time?"

The suit of armor sulked in armory fashion. "But I don't wanna play chess. It's boring now."

The military man just stared with a dull look. He had to admit, after awhile, chess DOES get boring, but why should dancing replace it!? As if the Gate, Truth, the Gatebabies and Mike were all against him, the neighnor started to try out the piano. Music filled through the apartment complex, passing easily through the paper thin walls. Farman groaned. The suit of armor "grinned" in his weird way of not having a fleshy body and started to twirl. The second tallest of Roy's crew then felt like taking his eyes and drowning them in bleach to get rid of the image before him. Sadly, there was so bleach in arm's reach. Barry continued to twirl until he reached Farman.

"C'mon Chief!" He rubbed his metal body against the other man. "Let's dance! You know you wanna~" He chimed as he grabbed our favorite buffed warrant officer and twirled around the room. Farman, caught offguard by being twirled, hung onto Barry for dear life.

Unfortunately, Barry took it the wrong way and stopped. Farman felt the stop and "opened" his eyes. The room was still moving. His face turned a hint of green as the room slowed to a stop as well. Barry removed Farman from his body and placed the man on his feet. With that, he placed his left arm on Farman's right shoulder and put Farman's right arm on his left hip. Satsified, Barry took his right hand and grabbed Farman's left hand. Again, Barry start to twirl, only more slowly. Farman quickly blinked and finally took in that the room was moving again, only not fas like before. Then Farman noticed the position he was in.

Farman was waltzing. With Barry.

Said suit of armor seemed to totally not notice the dumbfounded look from the man in his arms.

Now, if one was to peep a look inot this apartment, they would see a man dancing in a circle with a dead weight of a suit of armor. Unfortunately, if one actually KNEW the people in the apartment and they happened to be visiting that day, they would be just as dumbfounded as the man waltzing with the suit of armor.

Of course Farman never knew when someone was visiting, which is probably why he didn't want to do something questionable with the ex-serial killer because everytime he DID, he would scar his friends.

And now he was scarring his superior officer.

Farman finally saw the flame alchemist at the door and nearly died where he was. No. Better to die on the floor than in Barry's arms. And as if Ishbala or some other God was giving pity, Barry stopped waltzing and finally acknowledged Roy's existance.

"Hey! It's the fella that's after Missy!"

Roy shrugged the comment about Riza off and tried not to ask why exactly his warrant officer was dancing with this psycho. Farman untangled himself from the called psycho.

"Colonel! I didn't know you were coming over!" Farman saluted.

"At ease... Farman... Must I ask..?"

"Please don't Colonel."

"Alright then."

A stifling pause then showed its face at the two military officers. Barry sat inbetween the two, looking back and forth, as if content that there's another soul in the room. Roy looked at the two roommates before looking behind him.

"Uh... I think I hear Hawkeye calling me. I left during lunch hour and I should get back before I get a bullet thorugh my ear. I'll come visit again." With that, the flame alchemist was gone, leaving a trail of dust in his wake.

Farman sighed as he glared at Barry. Once again, someone was scarred and he'll be here, alone, with a deranged killer who's trapped in that stupid suit of armor, till he didn't know how long.

Great. Just great.

"So Chief... let's dance!"
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