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The game (cont.)

Just a little reminder about the game! (if people remember.) I fixed up the list and I knew it was gunna get outta hand considering how many people we got joined on here! ^__^. But here is the list so remember. ADD one point to your favorite MINUS one point away from your least favorite. Yes you may vots a secpnd time, but let's try to add variety, ne? Make sure to say who you added and you you took away from at the bottom like this:

((list here))

+ this person
- this person

This is to avoid confusion and make it easier for me to fix the list ^^. (hopefully it won't get out of hand again. Well happy goings for round two!!)

[[People who were eliminated: ROSE, SHOU TUCKER, KING BRADLEY, WRATH]]

28 : Edward Elric
22 : Alphonse Elric
9 : Trisha Elric
8 : Hohenheim
6 : Winry Rockbell
11 : Pinako Rockbell
22 : Roy Mustang
13 : Riza Hawkeye
9 : Alex Louis Armstrong
14 : Jean Havok
17 : Maes Hughes
12 : Kain Fuery
8 : Scar
11 : Nina Tucker
15 : Izumi
12 : Lust
6 : Gluttony
6 : Envy
5 : Sloth
10 : Greed

Thanks and love to all! :D

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