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Hey~ I have a question....wait....two questions...sorry if either has been asked before or something :/

Yeah, so I was just thinking and I was wondering 'bout something and I dont think it was ever said in the anime (maybe it was and I missed it -_-) But when someone switches their soul to a new body, what happens to that person's soul? Does it just die? Or is it sent to the other side of the Gate or something o.0 Like when Dante switched her soul to Lyla's body, what happened to Lyla's soul? I mean I think that person's soul just die's or something, right? o.0

AND.....when Scar's brother tried to bring back his dead girlfriend.....exactly what part of him did he lose to the gate? All you ever saw was a bunch of blood in that he lose that?....'cause....god...that'd hurt a lot... :o


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