Shardy (alchephiliac) wrote in fm_alchemist,


Okay you guys, for starters, I just want to say that I had nothing to do with this. I was telling Vic on AIM that the post about the Fullmetal and Flame show got a good reaction and thought he might like to hear it. Instead, he's angry because he did not give ANYONE permission to post anything about this. This is what he had to say:

I am very excited to premiere "The Fullmetal & Flame Show" very soon. But I never gave anyone permission to post any portion of my project on line. I showed a scene to a small group at Anime USA, but someone videotaped it with a camcorder unknown to me and put it up, claiming to have my permission. He didn't.

I just want to point out right now that I am just repeating what he told me to say while we were on AIM. I just told him I saw this post on the fma LJ comm, blah blah blah, and he reacted, asked me to post this for him because he doesn't have an LJ account.

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