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Crossposted to fm_alchemist, alchemical_aid, ed_winry, fma_het, fma_fiction, and fmalchemist. Yes, that's right, there are now FIVE major FMA communities, and I'm sure there's more that I just haven't stumbled across yet, or that no one's told me about. I don't mind making the public service announcements, and it seems people like seeing them. But it's a hassle trying to cross-post that much when my time is already limited, so I'll no longer be posting to all the various communities, although I will continue to scour the journals for good stories and artists. (If I miss someone you think is deserving of a home, please feel free to post on LJ or email me directly with your nomination, the writer/artist's name, and a URL of where I can find his/her stuff.)

If you want to get updates regularly, you can either friend scimitarsmile, or you can sign up for the elist update. Or, of course, you can swing by Scimitar on a regular basis. Newest updates are always on the front page.

I'd also like to take this chance to state publicly that I've now gotten three emails lambasting me for hosting stories with certain pairings. And the mildly amusing element is that each email has fussed about completely different pairings. I'm going to state this in all forums and leave it as my official stand on the matter as an archivist.

Q: What do I think about pairings - ANY pairings?


I didn't decide to host the archives because I want to push any agenda. Nor do I host because I want to ignore any pairings or characters. I just think good writers - of any ilk or preference - should have a home, and it's really far better for readers if you can gather as many of those good writers in one place. Searching all over the net, through, or even LiveJournal - is time-consuming and sometimes annoying. So...all in one place! Yay. (Well, I thought it'd be a yay.)

ALL stories, therefore, are icon'ed, because diversity in selection is GOOD. Green for general. Orange for shonen-ai. Purple is the het equivalent (meaning nothing more than a kiss). Blue for mature heterosexual relationship; red for mature homosexual relationships. You see the color you disagree with, don't read that story or look at that picture. But don't come whining to me because I refuse to censor writers. As long as the spelling's good, the grammar's in line, and the punctuation isn't too whacked - and, of course, that the characters are as IC as possible - then that's what makes me notice a writer, and issue an invitation.

Thanks again, all, your support and understanding is much appreciated.

- Sol

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