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More Ficcage. ^^;

Title: Hello Papa
Author: lanoyee
Rating: PG
Genre: General, Drama
Notes: Spoiler for episode 25. Unbetaed.

Hello Papa she greets, everytime she’s here.

It’s always the same ritual, flowers and words and her smile that never fades, must not ever fade. She has to smile for them both.

His spot doesn’t stick out amidst hundreds, amidst an always lushly green and tidily mowed lawn, parted by footpaths. But sometimes she believes she could rather find him in the little tree groups and hedges farther in the back.

People look at her weird when she tells them that her father lives on the cemetary. Adults shake their heads and speak in complicated words.

She just keeps smiling and knows what no one understands; that six feet of earth are heavy, but not impossible to overcome.

Title: Tunes
Author: lanoyee
Rating: PG
Genre: General, maybe a dash of Angst
Notes: Spoilers for end of series and a certain movie person (whonearlyeveryonealreadyknowsanyway).

After having lived for about half a year with Heiderich, Edward finally came to the realization that someone in their house must play the piano.

Every day at the same time, the faint tunes would gently penetrate the walls, sometimes a finely studied song, sometimes a new piece that had yet to be practiced to perfection, with mistakes and dissonances and stops in favor of a new beginning.

It stirred memories within him.

Winry had once played the piano, as a child, but stopped when her parents weren’t there to make her take lessons anymore, because it hurt, and because frankly, despite the music’s obvious kinship to science – to which she was ever as devoted as he and Al – it hadn’t been her thing, really.

It wasn’t very long until Edward found himself waiting for the time of day when the playing would start, and he wasn’t very surprised. The play swept him with memories and feelings and longing; it felt like back then, and he couldn’t really explain that one, because it was so many things at once yet just uniquely itself that no separate factors could be made out, though he got notions of warmth and comfort; of smells: the summer breeze, filtered through curtains, and the rich wood of the piano; of company: his brother and Winry, all of them talking while she practiced, so she ended up not practicing much, but no one actually minded.

Edward had wondered whether he should start taking piano lessons, but dismissed the thought with his need for research, and it was silly anyway and not like something he really would do – telling himself that soon, he would be home, with Al and Winry and everyone else.

And so, he was left with a deep melancholic aroma in the scent of the summer breeze.

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