Captain Chris (myuutsuuman) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Captain Chris

Just a reminder to those following the English dub..

Tonight will be the last night for a new FMA episode to air this year. [adult swim] will be giving Fullmetal a vacation for the next two Saturday nights for..*sigh* Perfect Hair Forever and 12 oz. Mouse marathons and movies.

FMA'll return on Satudays in January. Now..I wouldn't mind this vacation for FMA if the shows taking place were better. But god damn, PHF and 12oz.M just suck so bad. x_x; There's no word if [adult swim] will air FMA ep. 41 and 42 back to back like Japan did. Chances are FMA will return with just ep. 41 rather than both and continue on from there.

Also leaves two more episodes (counting today's) where we see if FUNi is infact allowed Rewrite to air with the start of ep. 42.

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