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Father's Emo Poetry!

I was randomly browsing the internets, and then I came across an incredible discovery!! I FOUND FATHER'S DEADJOURNAL OMG. And guess what? IT'S CHOCK FULL OF HORRIBLE EMO POETRY!! Imagine that!!

I shall not divulge the link, because you will all doubtlessly storm into his journal and spam/fangirl/flame him into oblivion, but I will share with you some of the gems found within.

my tears turn to the philosophers stone
the crimson drops as they are falling
are silent nobody must see them
nobody must touch them
except for ling because i turned him into greed lololol
anyone who does will run away from me
afraid that i might turn them into a homunculus
a created human full of sadness anger and hate
they think im going to make them have a tea party
so they just run away

i am blinded by my own misery
and by thinking it a good idea to have stones in my eyes
not able to see what is right there in front of me
i am imprisoned in my dark dungeon
inside my dark and sinful soul

((In complete seriousness: I actually used a real emo poem to base this off of, but I changed a lot. It sounds the same as pretty much any other bad emo poems out there, anyway.))


EDIT: csakuras managed to find a photo that Father had uploaded to his Myspace!!! (No, we're not giving you the link to that either.)

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