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Doujinshi Dump Number Two!

All right, well seeing as my first dump of doujinshi was such a hit, I figured... what was the harm in posting another? Only three this time, but doujinshi scanning is a pain in the buttcheecks, so bear with me. ^^; Also, refer to this post to see the rest of the doujinshi uploaded. All doujinshi are again, Roy/Ed paired.

First of this batch, Don't Cry Baby!.
Edward comes into the office one day with a baby. A momentary panic occurs, but all settles when Roy agrees to help Edward take care of the baby. Immensely cute, and only a panel and a half of mansex. Safe for pretty much all audiences.
Thanks to the wonderful sdragon, the files are also available on MegaUpload. ^_^ Don't Cry Baby!

Next is Zero no Kakera.
The last of my daen for the time being, honestly this one squicks me in the slightest. Pre-series, a certain younger Colonel comes to visit the ailing young Elrics at the Rockbell's house. Completely clean aside from Roy having a pedophilic moment and kissing a crying child Edward. Still very cute, in the long run.
MegaUpload: Zero no Kakera.

Third is Love Addict.
New circle! :o I'm... not entirely sure of the name of this one, honestly. This doujin takes place after the end of the series. Edward falls asleep while studying and has a dream about Roy... Hohenheim walks in while he's talking in his sleep. XD
MegaUpload: Love Addict.

Please comment if taking, and let me know if/when I need to update the files!

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