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fanfiction- FMA- Roy/Riza Lemon Ficlet

Title: A Sweet Sensation
Author: kyatto
Pairing: Roy/Riza
Rated: NC-17 Lemon most likely PWP
Summary: What would it take to get Riza to admit her true feelings for Roy? Riza's POV
Note: My first het lemon fic. Don't flame me too hard! *gets fire extinguisher ready*



I watched curiously as the door to the Colonel’s office flung open and the young alchemist Edward Elric came dashing out, his cheeks flushed bright red, lips curled in a snarl. The door slammed shut behind him and he let out a low sound that could not be mistaken for anything other than a growl of frustration and annoyance. It was common fact amongst the men that Edward absolutely loathed meeting with the Colonel to deliver his reports, and rather preferred to just hand them to me to deliver for him. But the Colonel had become wise to this preference and strictly requested that most of Edward’s reports now must be delivered orally to him. I figured the older man I admired did this mostly to muse at just how frustrated the young boy gets. He’s always a tease with him, and Edward did not like it one bit.

A small shiver traveled up my spine as I felt a very sharp glare aimed at me. Sure enough, once the door was closed and he let out a breath, the boy had come to notice my presence and his look went from that of anger at the Colonel, to fear that perhaps I may have heard something. So as if it would shut me up for something I had no knowledge of and therefore would not say he shot an icy cold glare, trying his hardest to aim those brilliant gold eyes into my amber ones. In return to that fiery gaze, I casually responded with an expression of mild surprise then shifted it into a more quizzical look. He shot me another glare as if to make sure he got his unsaid point across, grumbled low, and stormed off in a huff calling for his brother. I shrugged it off, casting it aside as the young major picking up more teenage tendencies and I just happened to be in the way of the blow of the young alchemist’s male version of PMS.

Once it was certain that Edward had gone and I could hear him spouting nonsense about the Colonel to his armored brother, I made my way inside the office, careful to close and lock the door behind me.

“I take it Edward had another report due today,” I greeted the Colonel with my usual back-to-business expression I use when around him. It was one of the methods I used to keep my true intentions for him hidden. Like they say, men are blind unless it’s flashing right in front of him, and Roy Mustang was no different than any other man I had met in the past. Except he was taller, more intelligent, dashingly handsome, and one of the most altruistic men I have ever seen. He’s so loyal to his men and his goal is to right so many wrongs in this country. One of the first men I’ve met who’s able to show he truly cares about others’ needs…it is Roy Mustang. After all we’ve been through, and everything both he and I have seen together, after all I’ve heard from him, I can honestly say that I love him.

He gave his usual smirk at the mentioning of the short young blonde and waved me over with a swift move of his hand. “Paperwork?” he asked casually then gestured towards the stack of papers I clutched to my breast and motioned for me to set it down on the corner of his desk.

I did so, using this opportunity of closeness to inhale the air around him, taking in the aroma of the cologne he chose to wear today. Now, I’m not one who is at all concerned with labels and fashion, but damn that man could choose a fine scent to wear. Just one whiff and my heart beat even faster than it did already when I was near him. I’ve been surprised that he never once took notice, and even if he has he never bothered to look as if he took note of it. The scent he had on today smelled strongly of lilac with just a hint of roses and lavender, covered up by a strong scent that I couldn’t identify as any flower or fruit I had knowledge of. Even though it was a perfume, just a perfume, it smelled very manly and masculine, and very much of him. Never one to bother with being trendy, especially being in the military, I only had three bottles of perfume. One I saved for special occasions, and two to switch around day-to-day. One of my daily bottles was starting to run low, so I decided to dare to be different today and use the special bottle. It gave off a strong aroma of vanilla with a side hint of coconuts and crème. To add to the sweetness, I believe whoever compiled the concoction even added a dash of a honey scent to it. Normally I used perfumes that were floral based, roses, irises, lilacs, and the like. So for me to wear one that was so sweet smelling was different and slightly special. I wonder if he could smell it or even tell the difference? Did he even notice or pay attention? I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard his voice.

“Is there something wrong Lieutenant? You’re staring off as if you’d rather be somewhere else.” He said quietly, looking me directly in the eye.

Well, there was somewhere I’d rather be, many places actually. Taking my dog out for a walk would definitely be one of them, but even more so would be to spend one-on-one time with the Colonel outside of the strict business atmosphere. But I knew such a dream could never happen. He was a higher-ranking official, and I was a subordinate Lieutenant to him. We would be nothing more.

“It’s nothing, sir. Forgive me, my mind had just wandered off for a brief moment,” I replied quietly in the usual monotone I kept in the office. Any change in this strict tone may give off unwanted hints to him.

He nodded in response to this, took a quick gaze out the window, let out a sigh, and then he miraculously took one of the papers off the pile and started filling it out. Paperwork was definitely not one of the Colonel’s favorite tasks. He liked paperwork about as much as Edward liked delivering reports to him. It made him frustrated and annoyed, and when he was behind schedule with it he was put in a rather sour mood.

“Carry on then, Lieutenant.”

I sighed and slipped a few papers into a clipboard and started filling them out, leaning against the back wall near the window. Some unknown force caused me to lean slightly towards where the Colonel sat. It wasn’t noticeable unless you were inches away but I could definitely tell I was leaning. I tried straightening back up but a few seconds later my axis was once again tilted. Was it the floor? No, the floor’s been the same and I could always stand at attention on it before. Perhaps it was his cologne…. Yes! That’s exactly what it was! The scent had a magnetic effect on me, making me want to be ever so close to him. A deep natural instinct that only a wilder side of me would’ve known, a more primal state of being, which I was trying so hard to avoid. No, as a good soldier I had to remain poised and upright, alert to all of my surroundings. There was no way I was going to turn into a sex driven wild hormonal-rushed vixen over something so petty as nice smelling cologne. Then again, there were those deep eyes, filled with so many emotions and the pains of his battles with his past. I loved to just look at them because they told so much. …. And I tended to muse to myself what was hidden under that uniform top and white dress shirt…how lean or buff he was…no Riza! You are his subordinate! Don’t think that way about him! Pull yourself together woman! He is Colonel Roy Mustang and you are First Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye!

I tried to fight it all, really I did. The intoxicating smell of the cologne, his deep eyes focused hard on the work in front of him, the delicate breeze through the cracks in the window caressing the tips of his dark hair, the way his lips parted slightly as he concentrated, I tried to ignore it-to fight it away. But all hope on that was lost when he said something to me, and I almost lost all of my composure right then and there.

“You smell nice today, Lieutenant. New perfume?” he murmured this question quietly, tilting his head to look at me, a small smile on his face. And for the first time in all the years I’ve worked under him, I let a small blush paint itself on my cheeks in front of him.

“Something wrong, Lieutenant? Your face is turning red.”

Damn it! I really was blushing now, wasn’t I? Must keep it together Riza, come on girl you can do it! If you can aim and fire two guns at the same target then you can deal with this!

“Oh, no sir, nothing is wrong! Must be the weather or allergies…and yes, I’m wearing a different perfume today. It’s the one I use for special occasions…. but, I just felt like wearing it today, for no special reason or anything…” Crap, I was starting to get shifty. Maybe it really was the weather. Or maybe…just maybe… It was the way he was so intently looking at me. His eyes fixated at mine, then moving along as if tracing the outline of my face, down along the curves of my body, to the boots on my feet. As if he was examining every inch of my being with just one look, like a judge at a county fair inspecting the farmer’s prized cattle. Oh gods, why was he looking at me like that? What have I just done to myself? I was losing it, I know I was…

“Lieutenant, put the clipboard down for a moment please,” Roy commanded in a low tone, but not too strict.

“Yes sir,” I obliged, setting it down, then looking back at him.

“Good, now come over here,” he motioned me over with one hand as he pushed his paperwork to one side and stood up to meet me as I came over.

“What is it, sir?” I looked at the man intently, curious of what it could be, but it was tinged with some slight fear that I may have said or done something wrong.

“I think you might be wrong, you know, about this day not being a special occasion, Lieutenant.” He told me with what could’ve been a smooth combination of a kind smile and a devious grin.

“What exactly are you saying, Colonel? I’m not going out tonight if that’s what you’re thinking. The only date I have tonight is with Black Hayate to take him for a walk after dinner….” I said to him, trying my damnedest to keep my tone level. I shuddered a bit though, when he wrapped his arm around me and slid his hand up along my back from my tailbone to the base of my neck between the shoulder blades.

“I was saying, if you fancied, I could make today a special occasion for you…” he ventured as the other hand ran slowly up my arm and rested on the side of my shoulder. His eyes gazing into mine as if they alone were asking me one of the grandest questions he could have ever asked me… Was I ready for all of this?

My eyes shifted a bit for a brief moment, unsure now of what to force out as a comeback. Should I push him away and hide my true feelings? Or should I let him do as he pleased? I chose the latter, strictly due to the fact that I tend to have a curious feminine nature about me. “How so?”

He didn’t even respond with words. With one swift motion, the hand on my shoulder disappeared and cupped my cheek; the hand behind me tilted my head. Within moments he leaned in and our lips met for the first time. It was a wild rush, and a very warm fluttery feeling deep within me. His eyes closed and his lips molded over mine, and I could taste on his breath the mint he had popped in right after lunch, combined with his own unique taste. My arms developed minds of their own and wrapped themselves around his neck as I leaned more into the kiss, softly caressing his lips to part so I could taste more of him. He immediately got the hint and his tongue sought out to meet mine, the tips casually brushing against each other in greeting. The hand on the back of my neck slipped down my back to cradle my hip and the other slid down the front of my uniform and stopped right on the breast. Normally, had any other man done this, whether we were kissing or not, I would’ve slapped them and scoffed in disgust. But apparently, Roy was to be treated differently because I did nothing at all, waiting to see just what he might be doing with that hand. Roy Mustang always seemed to have a master plan after all.

The kiss broke slowly and we just gazed into each other’s eyes for the longest most eternal moment. Then he dipped his head into my neck and started kissing along the line of my collar, only to nibble up to my earlobe to suckle it. I let out a soft sound of what might have been a combination of a sigh, a moan, and a purr. But it was a sound of contentment. His tongue flicked and mused around the lobe for a bit before slipping back into his mouth so he could release words instead.

“I’ve always wanted you…Riza,” he said to me in a heated whisper. I could only nod in response.

“From the moment you risked your life, knocking me out of Scar’s way because you knew I was useless in the rain…I fell in love with you…”

I never thought I could hear him utter words like “love” about me. For a moment, I wondered, were these words true? Or would I be like all the other girls and just be another notch on his belt? I didn’t dare question just yet thought, because I wanted such a moment to last forever.

“Yes Colonel, sir…” I replied softly, one hand that was looped around his neck now trailing down the front of his uniform.

He pulled back and looked me directly in the eye. “Roy,” he stated firmly. “My name is Roy Mustang. We are alone now, you don’t have to keep that strict front if you do not wish to, Riza.”

I was speechless for a moment, and then once I collected my thoughts and pieced them together I decided to try it out. “Yes si-Roy…I’ll try to loosen up…”

“Thank you,” he smiled. “Glad to hear you make such an attempt to get my name down…especially since I know you’ll be screaming it soon.”

WHAT! Screaming? Just what did that man have planned?

I found out soon enough, because surely just after he made that remark the hand on my breast worked at the buttons holding the flap on the front of my uniform closed undone and slipped off the jacket. The article of clothing was carelessly flung to the far corner of the room and then both hands came around to work together to untuck the undershirt tucked into the trousers. I murmured softly as both hands slipped up along my stomach to my breasts and cupped them softly. He resumed kissing me again, this time it was more heated and filled with passion as our tongues thrashed about, exploring each other’s moist caverns. I pulled the barrette out of my hair, tossed it aside and let my hair flow free. At some point his hands gripped my waist as he laid me back down on his desk, myself casually pushing his paperwork aside, off the desk, and onto the floor. I knew both of us may regret it later but we didn’t care then. All we wanted, and knew what we wanted, was to passionately feel each other’s love.

He pushed my shirt up then, and it was flung up and over and off to join the jacket. As he hovered over me, his mouth working aggressively on my neck I undid his jacket and unbuttoned the shirt beneath. His skin felt so smooth as I ran my hands over his bare chest, feeling him shiver against my soft touch. With a murmur his hands moved to my shoulders to sit me up slightly so he could unclasp my bra. With one swift flick of his wrist the bra was undone and was partying with the other discarded clothes. Once again, a blush tainted my cheeks as I realize he could now see some of what I always kept hidden, my full adult breasts with well-formed rosy nipples at their peaks. I was about to try to cover myself up about of embarrassment but I was too late for such action because he immediately set to work, his mouth around the orb on his left while his hand started teasing the one on the right. Being the age I was, I was not really new to this. Boys and I have done such deeds in the past, but it felt ten times better to feel these things from him.

His teeth clenched around where the areola was as he flicked his tongue along the nipple, suckling on it like a newborn. The skilled fingers of his hand were teasing its partner and he tweaked and tugged on it. The ministrations sent lightning bolts of pleasure throughout my body, as I wrapped my arms around him and clawed at his back, arching to him for more. I didn’t realize it at first, but I was starting to moan and even call out his name a few times.

The sounds I made and the arches into him only seemed to turn him on more, as his hands soon looped around the pantline of my trousers, the butt-cape had slid off on its own. I gasped and looked up at him. Again, was I ready for this?

As nervous as I was about committing what was obviously a sin with, I also felt so right about it. This is what I fantasized about and wanted for so long…and now it was happening, just not quite the way I had imagined. But still, I wanted him. More than anything else right now, it was Roy Mustang I only wanted him. I threw away all concerns about just being another drifter because I knew by the look in his eyes that I was the one. In response to his questioning look, I pushed off the jacket and shirt so it fell off behind him and lick up from his stomach, along his chest, and met his lips. Feeling his lips form a smile against mine, I leaned back and let him unzip my pants and slip them down. With a smile I kicked them and my boots off and they landed on top of his discarded clothes.

Our lips locked in a sweeter more romantic kiss, with more mouth movements and less tongue as he worked a hand into my panties and brushed against my clit. I moaned softly into his mouth as he rubbed it, fingering it between his index finger and them, rolling the nub steadily. My hips bucked and I arched my back, wanting more of this attention, the heat in my lower belly getting hotter and hotter by the second.

He obliged quickly, slipping the hand back out to free his hard erection from the enclosure of his pants. I looked deeply into his eyes. “Roy…” I pleaded quietly; barely even realizing it was my voice.

I let out a sharp gasp as I was free of my panties and he slid it in hard. Roy kissed me softly on the cheek up my ear and murmured his apologies into it. Once I was able to accommodate his length and thickness and loosened up slightly around him he set to work, pumping it in and out slowly, speeding up as his motions gained rhythm. My body subconsciously guided him, my hips bucking wanting more and more. Pleasure ripped through me when I heard him moan, deep and low in his throat, and responded with my high feminine ones.

“Riza…” he moaned softly in my ear as his pace quickened, starting to hit that one spot deep within me that drove me wild.

I moaned loudly each time that spot was hit, causing him to go faster and faster building even more momentum. My fingers dug in hard into his back and I pray the wounds they left wouldn’t be severe. “Roy!” I moaned his name so loudly it was almost a scream as I could feel my body about to reach its peak.

As if he understood, he pounded into me harder and groaned. I could tell he was about to reach his limit too. Within moments we were moaning back and forth crying out each other’s name. Soon, he shuddered and moaned out a loud “Riza!” as he slammed it in and came deep inside me. I moaned softly in return as my body shuddered with my own release.

We lay there for a minute, panting, resting after all that work. He looked at me intently for a moment, wondering if he had done the right thing. I just smiled and kissed him on the nose and he smirked in return.

“I love you too…Roy Mustang…Always have.”

That just got a whole load off my mind, and it seemed so easy. Did it really have to take sex to get it out of me? Well apparently, yes, it had to. He didn’t seem to mind because he kissed me softly on the lips then, as if to express, yes indeed I was the one and pulled out.

“Well, back to work now Lieutenant,” he said quietly as he zipped back up and bent down to gather his shirt and jacket. With a sigh, I hobbled over to where my bra had gone and clasped it back on then my shirt and jacket.

Roy smirked as I walked over and bent down to get to my pants and butt-cape. He squeezed my rear end and chuckled when I yelped and glared at him. Indeed, he was a tease. I slipped back in to my trousers and clasped the butt-cape back around it, then turned and saluted him.

“At ease Lieutenant,” he smiled.

“Yes, sir.”

I then maneuvered to gather all the papers that had fallen and stepped back into my boots. I set the papers on the desk once more. “Indeed, back to work Colonel. If only you were so diligent about your paperwork as you are about sex.”

He pouted for a moment, and then once he was dressed as well he resumed his seat at his desk and once more filled out the paperwork. I went back to the papers on my clipboard, no longer distracted by the aroma of his cologne or the way his hair tussled in the breeze.

“So, Lieutenant, how about we have a bit of a rendezvous at the local pub this weekend?” he asked me casually.

I smiled. So he was serious. “Of course I’ll be there.”

“And leave the dog at home…” he grinned.

“Anything for the mission.”

“I’ll meet you there at twenty-hundred. Be on time.” He tapped the watch in his pocket.

“But of course.”

He smiled and rose to his feet, picking up my hairclip from his desk and came over to where I stood. He ran his fingers through my hair, put it up, and clipped it in place. “And wear your Special Occasion perfume. I like it more than your usual floral scents. It’s sweet, like you.”

“Just as long as you wear what you’re wearing now,” I replied, smiling, and kissed him on the cheek. He in turn, wrapped his arm around my waist and held me close.

It was set. So the Colonel and Lieutenant were meant to be after all. No more distractions for me, and I was now the one. I felt as though I were the happiest girl in the country.

Only one question remained unanswered.

What had the Colonel said or done to Edward?




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