Chex (dragonalchemist) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Yeah... Fun. o.o

Yes... It's automail. Specifically tailored to fit only my arm (and left, at that. >> ) and fully articulated. Yup. Even with all that cardboard on my arm and hand, I can still move mostly freely, pick things up and close my fist.

Image hosted by

Each of the fingers can move on its own and the elbow is designed so that I have free motion with it even though it looks like it would impede my motion.

This took me about three days to measue, cut out, give dimension and assemble. One day for the hand, one for the lower arm and one for the upper arm and shoulder "port".

I'm not totally finished with it, of course. I'm going to alter it a bit more so that it takes me less than ten minutes to put on and so that it looks more like metal.

*grins* My trenchcoat fits over it, too. So I can actually wear it. However, I do not envy Ed in the slightest. :D

And yes, that wording around the upper arm says "perishable- keep frozen"

(There's a bigger version over here, at DevART if you want to see it better. :D)

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