Catie (catystorm) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Finally got around to watching FMA 10 and 11 tonight,

I would have watched 10 sooner, but I was having costume issues. Err, yeah. (Anyone who wants to hear about it, let me know... I LARPed an Ed-character this weekend... XD)

10 was great, I was rolling on the floor for most of the episode. That cop was a Zenigata clone, and I found it hysterical. I feel bad for Edward, food poisoning sucks and needles suck even more. -_-x; I've had doctors have to chase me to give me shots ... I was five, and it took a doctor, two nurses and my father to catch me. XD

I can't wait for episode 12. I really, really, really enjoy this show.

I thought I was going to ramble longer, but stomach has decided otherwise. Mm, ramen.

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