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Art theft - or something close to it

The following artists' works were spotted in the Galleries of and I don't think, that whoever submitted them asked for permission. (I could be wrong though - in that case, ignore this warning.)

* ponderosa121 (in Shonen-ai - a Hughes/Roy piece)
* hime1999 (in Fanart and in Group pictures - an illust for "Happy Families" and the Peter Pan one)
* rose_nightshade (in Shonen-ai - an Ed/Hei/Al piece)
* cofie (in Shonen-ai and in Group pictures - the Ed-glomps-Roys-butt and the catfish pieces)

And half a dozen others I know from DA although I don't have their names. I also came across the FMAKitty pages there - submitted by 3-4 different people.

Plus. THIS is a layout and I have a vauge guess that it's from around LJ as well.

THIS is a banner I know surely is from LJ.

I haven't checked ALL of the galleries, so there could be other casualties.

Icon makers, check the Avatar section, it smells rather fishy as well.

People, please. Do not post anybody else's works unless you properly asked the original artists and the permission was given. Post links. I know that during the years, in other fandoms (and I guess, in the fma-fandom as well), more Japanese sites closed because people kept on ignoring the unwritten laws. And dammit, stop distributing Haruka Sena's images!! If you like her works, respect her and her whish!

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