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( Edited it a bit so it'd be more spoiler-free. XD )

Okay, there's a little thing that I'd really like to discuss with you guys who have seen the final episodes. MAJOR spoilers because it's from episodes 50 and 51, so I can't say much other than it's about Roy, Archer and some Hawkeye.

Please give your input if you've seen the series that far. ^^


After Roy comes out of the Fuhrer's mansion with the boy in his arms, we can see that Roy's eyes are fine. Then The Termintor Archer comes up with all his creepy-ass automail body and aims a pistol at Roy. Then it goes to Hawkeye, who is running to get to Roy. She sees Archer and shoots him down like the bastard he is and runs over to Roy, who is lying on the ground all bloody. When they show Roy, we can't see his eyes but we can tell that he is very bloody. And afterwards, we see that Roy has an eyepatch for some reason on one eye.

Now, here's where my debate comes in.

How exactly did Roy's eye get injured anyways? While I was talking to my friend, she said that Archer did it. So obviously I'm all "He did WHAT?" and she told me that Archer must have shot him thus hurting his eye, only they didn't show it. Because when he came out BEFORE Archer pointed a gun at him, his eyes were fine while AFTER Archer was killed, we COULDN'T SEE Roy's eyes at all.

I despise don't like Archer, but I still didn't think he did it. My theory was that Roy's eye was harmed in the fight with King Bradley but they just didn't show it during the fight. The blood on his face was because all that blood was from Roy's wound in his chest, for that wound was just below his shoulder, and had pooled out by his face because of the way he was lying.

But right now, I'm not too sure which way it happened even though I think I'll stick with my theory for now.

Anyways, since we're both wondering about this whole thing, I thought that it would be nice if you guys gave your input and took part in our discussion! xD So, what do YOU think happened to Roy's eye?

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