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All Because of a Mistletoe; RoyEd

Title: All Because of a Mistletoe
Author: animethief92
Pairing: Edward Elric x Roy Mustang
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA
X-posted: 101_kisses, fma_fluff, fma_yaoi, and steelandsparks
AN: This is for a friend, shingo_sama, and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas!

He hated it when it was windy, and especially when it was at night in the middle of the winter. There was nothing worse than having to walk home and freeze your ass off in the process. After the long night of furiously catching up on late paperwork, he was exhausted and somewhat irritated that he couldn’t drive well on his own. That’s why Havoc always drove him wherever he needed to go.

“Damn winter… damn snow…” He muttered angrily as he tried to turn his back to the wind, which irritatingly always seemed to change directions when he did. “I can’t stand it when it gets like this!”

Roy shivered and tried to make his coat keep more warmth, but was unsuccessful. As he approached his house, it really didn’t seem to matter too much anymore since he knew he would be able to make a fire and go to bed soon. Just imagining the warm blankets that awaited him gave him the determination to speed up his walk until he reached his walkway.

There he found Edward, sitting there and apparently waiting for him in the freezing cold. His golden eyes looked up with a furious glare and Roy could see him clenching his fists constantly as he stood up.

“Hurry up and open the damn door… I’ve been sitting out here for about an hour and then you come waltzing up here as if you don’t care that I got frostbite while waiting for you.” Ed stood up and stayed on the side so Roy could get to the front door.

“How come you came here tonight?” The lock clicked, letting the two know it was now open. “Why aren’t you with Alphonse?”

Edward looked offended and positively pissed as he elbowed Roy out of the way so he could go inside first. He plopped down into the chair moodily before answering Roy’s question, “I told you yesterday I would be here at nine tonight, and then you told me we’d have an enjoyable evening together. But once again, you neglected your paperwork and had to finish it tonight to turn it in tomorrow… didn’t you?”

Roy hung up his coat and took off his boots, after that was done he walked over to the fireplace. He lit it quickly using his gloves and then taking them off after that task was done.

“Sorry Ed, but work is work…” He shrugged and moved towards the couch and stared across the small table at golden eyes. “Unless you consider yourself above the military…?”

Ed rolled his eyes and threw his own red coat at Roy, who caught it swiftly. He wondered why Edward was in such a bad mood before remembering that he had gotten home about an hour later than he was supposed to. Then he finally remembered that he had promised him to be here yesterday but he couldn’t help that work just piled up so bad…

“You’re going to make it up to me, aren’t you?” The blonde demanded and Roy knowingly nodded his agreement; it was better to make him happy than angry. That was one lesson he had learned the hard way a long time ago.

“Good, now that we’ve settled that,” he looked around and stopped when he looked over at the stairs. “Now carry me up to the bedroom and you better be gentle.”

Roy couldn’t help but smile at the blonde’s bold demands as he obeyed them, and then decided to make sure he trusted him. Pretending to drop him, he watched Edward’s eyes flash open and he grabbed onto Roy’s hair in hopes to stop him from falling. Once the automail had gotten tangled into the dark hair, Roy really did let the blonde fall and he fell with him.

“Let go Ed!” Roy tried to tug his hair free, but then found it to get even more tangled in the automail fingers. As he desperately tried to pull free, Edward kept screaming at him to stop. The whole thing just ended up with the two yelling and shouting at each other to the point that one of the neighbors actually knocked on his door to make sure he was alright.

The two alchemists stopped in mid-fight and stared at the door like a couple of animals that had been cornered. Ed quickly untangled his hand, much to Roy’s annoyance, and then Roy calmly opened the door to a frightened looking neighbor.

“Are you okay, Mr. Mustang?” The man’s eyes were bulging and his hair was untidy as if he had just woken up from a deep slumber. “I heard a lot of yelling coming from your house.”

Roy put on his best smile while trying to make sure Edward wasn’t seen. “Don’t worry about me I just… burned my hand.” After realizing what a lame excuse that was, he tried to make it seem more realistic. “While cooking… I was cooking and burned my hand when the pot overflowed.”

The man seemed reluctant to accept the excuse, but in the end couldn’t think of anything logical to object to. He gave a curt nod and then started walking back to his own home through the bitter winds. The flurry seemed to engulf the man’s stout silhouette, and Roy quickly shut the door to try to regain some warmth.

“What a lame excuse…” Ed laughed as the stood up and brushed himself off, “You’re supposed to be the Flame Alchemist and I thought your own neighbor would’ve known that.” The short blonde glanced at his hand and then glared at Roy angrily, “Look what happened now, you made me get a cut!”

“Is it bad?” Roy tried to see the hand, but Ed refused to let him look at it.

“It’s not that bad, but let me use your bathroom and clean it up. In the mean time, you’ll make some dinner right?” It wasn’t much of a question, but more like a demand. Roy wanted to explain that it wasn’t really his fault and that the blonde was the one who hadn’t trusted him to not drop him in the first place.

He didn’t yell after him or retort anything, but instead looked around the kitchen to see whether there was really anything for him to cook. As he looked through cabinets and found nothing of any use, he gave up and heard water from the bath running. Roy tried to remember if Edward had mentioned taking a bath as well, but found himself climbing the stairs self-consciously anyway.

He could hear some faint sounds of Ed talking to himself, and it made him curious of what the blonde had to say. He pressed his ear against the oddly cold wood and tried hard to listen but none of what Ed was saying was very audible while trying to listen through the door, but underneath he could probably be able to hear the gist of what he was saying.

“Damn Roy… Where does he get off not telling me an apology when it was all his fault in the first place. If he hadn’t been late and hadn’t tried to drop me then this wouldn’t have happened.” He heard some water sloshing around and then dared to crack the door so he could see a little of what Ed was doing.

He wasn’t naked, much to Roy’s disappointment, meaning he wasn’t taking a bath but Roy could see some water dripping from the recently used faucet that he did have water in the tub. He could see Ed was bent over and his hand he had been complaining about looked like it was soaking.

“Ed, is it okay?” Not realizing at first he had blown his cover, Roy only saw a leg trying to kick him before he was knocked off his feet. His head banged painfully against the tile and he could see some tiny lights flickering.

“What the fuck was that for?” He gritted his teeth angrily but found it made his head hurt too much to do it for long. There was a sarcastic laugh from the blonde before he glared at him seething with his own anger from the sudden attack.

Ed smirked and glanced quickly at his hand before speaking. “That’s for making me get this cut.”

He shoved his hand in Roy’s face and then he saw the damage he had done to the small alchemist. It wasn’t a cut at all, it was much too deep and there was too much blood to be just a cut. He quickly made Edward soak his arm and then went rummaging through the medicine cabinet for a while before finally finding some hydrogen peroxide so he could clean the injury.

He gently made Edward lift his arm out of the warm water and laid out a towel on the sink so he could rest his arm on it. Roy quickly got a cotton ball out and dabbed the wound with some of the peroxide. He got a small hiss out of Ed, but nothing after that.

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier that you had gotten hurt this bad?”

“Because I was trying not to let the neighbor know I was there and I knew you would overreact like now. You may not act like it usually but you can be one of the types who goes nuts if someone has a paper cut.” Ed muffled another hiss as Roy dabbed his arm again. “Why does this crap always hurt so damn much?”

“It’s killing all the bacteria so you don’t get an infection.” Roy looked for some bandages and began wrapping Ed’s arm carefully.

“You should clean your floor more often then, or at least get rid of that damn nail sticking out of the wall.”

“Where was the nail?” Roy wanted to make sure that something like this didn’t happen again to him or anyone else.

Ed carelessly lifted his arm off the towel and showed Roy where he had gotten hurt.

“That’s where that picture fell off a few months ago. I guess I just forgot to take the nail out when I was cleaning up the rest of the mess.” He went downstairs and grabbed a hammer while letting Ed stay in the living room as he pulled the nail out.

When he returned downstairs again, he found Edward standing there waiting for him. He looked so young as he had his large golden eyes staring fixedly at the floor.

“I forgot to give this to you earlier…” He held out a box with golden wrapping paper and a huge red bow. “Merry Christmas Roy.”

Roy smiled and leaned forward slightly, “I didn’t buy you anything, but I think this will do.”

He pointed up and Ed saw what he was pointing at. He gave a tiny moan when Roy kissed him passionately and did not object when he was finally led to Roy’s bedroom. Ed always remembered that Christmas perfectly and always knew it was all because of a mistletoe.
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