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Brief Chapter 54 Translation.

Some of the folks here were asking for a translation for Chapter 54, so I obliged.

This is just a brief translation designed to let you know what happened in Chapter 54 without any of the details, so it's pretty sketchy.

My Japanese isn't that great, and so I apologize if any of this is translated incorrectly. Please bitchslap me and correct me if it is.

Title of Chapter: Kusha no Akaki: A Fool's Battle

Ed and Al: Are you Hoenheim?!

Father: ...The Elric Brothers?

Ed and Al: -spaz out-

Father: Hmm... -restores Al's hand and heals Ed's wounds-

Ed and Al: ...Whaaaa?!

Ling: -pulls sword on Father-

Ed: Don't!

Ed, Al, Ling: -attack Father, are defeated-

Scar and Mei: -hear noises- ...

Hoenheim: -sees some sort of disruption in the distance, stares-

Hoenheim's companion: What is it?

Hoenheim: ...Nothing. -keeps on walking-

Ed and Al: -clap hands to use alchemy-

-nothing happens-

...We can't use alchemy?!!

Envy: -pins Ed and Al down-

Ling: Ed!! Al!!

Gluttony: -eats Ling's sword, pins him down-

Ed: Envy...I

Father: -looks at Ling, takes out Philosopher's Stone from his forehead-

Al: The red...!

Father: ...Greed's barriers have been opened...with the power of this stone, you can become him...

Ed and Al: No!! Ling! -clap hands together again in an attempt to use alchemy, devastated when it doesn't work-

Ed: Dammit! Envy, let go...!

-remembers gun, pulls it out on Envy-

Envy: That won't work, o-chibi-san...

Ed: ...

Ling: Ed!! It's okay! Don't do it! (Literally, "Lower your hand!" or "Don't help me!")

Ed: Ling...what...?

Father: you wish to become my Greed? Interesting. -drops Stone into Ling's wound-

Ling: -whole bloody process of turning into Greed blah blah blah-

Alright, you bastard, go ahead and take this body!!

-finishes, sits up-

Ed: ...Ling...?

Ling: Hahahahaha...thanks for this body...Father!

Chapter 55 out on January 12th!

-end of chapter-

...Oh, Arakawa, how you destroy me. Liiiiiiing~~!!1wun! T___T

Edit: Father's last line before dropping the stone into Ling's wound and Ling's "bastard line" are thanks to acdragonmaster.

Edit again, wut: Some help with Father's "you can become Greed blahdy blah blah blah line" thanks to lord_pachi.

Mods, please tell me if this should be locked.

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