Toby (t3h_toby_chan) wrote in fm_alchemist,

Beta plz

I hope desperately this is not off topic. I could use a beta for my FMA fanfiction. Not particularly picky; just for right now, anyone who I could post/mail my stuff to and they can pick out mostly spelling errors. (Maybe it's an artistic quirk; but spellcheckers drive me nucking futs. I often use made up words, or just terminology (Like much of that in the FMA vocabulary) that most dictionaries don't recognize, so even with my proclivity to typos and not caring to read my own work thoroughly, I don't care for using them.)

I mostly write... anything... lotsa gen, little bit of everypairing but incest, and stuff (and no smut ever, so no worries there.)

Anyone interested? I wouldn't mind just having a few friendly names to know; fellows who are on often and could be depended on for a quick lil' beta-ing. Kthx!

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