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Temptations: Part One- Memories

OK, this was, if anything, an adventure in writing for me. I wrote it as a response to the "Random Pairing Generator" challenge, and it really tested me because it is so different from what I am used to writing. It forced me to use third-person, try het, write about a girl character's emotions, play with the idea of non-con and violence, and work with an adult's thoughts...gah! The whole time I kept dreaming about working on something fluffy and Elricest..but, lol...it was good practice. ;) So, here's the result of the challenge. I'm still open to significant revisions, so please give your honest opinions and tell me how I can improve this piece. Thanks!

Title: Temptations: Part One- Memories
Pairing (s): EdxLust, EdxEnvy, hints of LustxScar
Rating: R
Summary: Lust try to seduce Ed into disclosing information about the Philosopher's Stone, but finds her mind distracted by images of her past
Spoliers: Only if you don't know about Lust's past...lol

I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
and include the following things:
skirt, binoculars, wrench

Don't know what pairing to write?
Then let the Fullmetal Alchemist Pairing Machine decide for you

“Hmm, interesting,” gazing out the window, Lust examined the midday crowds with mild enthusiasm, twirling her fingers around a pair of rusty binoculars as she searched each figure. “No, no sign of him. It’s a shame, isn’t it, Edward?”

From the other side of the room, a persistent voice spat in response. “Al knows better than to follow you! You can’t trick him like that. You think you can control us, but you can’t.” Trying to rise to his feet, the blonde boy ended up sliding back down the wall with a metallic “crash”. “The Homunculus will never have control over humans.”

Reflexively, the dark-haired figure whirled around, facing her prisoner with a challenging smile. “Now, Edward, that was a very hurtful thing to say.” Her sarcasm was not immediately evident due to her hushed tone. “And trying to leave before I’m finished talking to you?” Lust flung her nails out of her hand, smirking as they whizzed right past the alchemist’s chest and pinned his cloak to the wall. “It’s a pity you never learned any manners.”

Ed glowered, attempting a swing in her direction but only succeeding in tearing his sleeve. “Let me go.” Trying again, he strained to bring his hands together, offering a challenging glare. “Or I’ll-.”

“Is that the best you can manage?” She shifted impatiently, spearing his palm with her claw. Adjusting a stray lock of hair, she paced towards the squirming boy, watching as blood drizzled down his wrist and to the floor. This might be amusing. She took vague interest in the way he tried to hold back his tears. He struggled, fighting to tear the pointy protrusion from his skin, whimpering as the wound stretched. “You’ll only hurt yourself,” she pointed out, sounding less-than-concerned as she leaned over his trapped form.

“Take it out!” He did not seem to hear her warning, becoming more and more enraged as she studied his face. He jerked his hand forward, attempting to pry the nails from the wall with an automail fist. But this only caused him more pain. He screamed in frustration, shuddering as a fresh wave of crimson cascaded down his arm. “Take it out!”

“My, my, Fullmetal Shorty,” bounding through the door and approaching the other Homunculus from behind, Envy let one arm droop around his companion’s shoulder, staring down at the captive alchemist with a delighted smirk. “Someone is getting all worked up.” He snickered, offering a lightless grin as he ran one finger down Ed’s cheek. “Are you crying? I never imagined that the great Fullmetal Alchemist would break down so easily.” Turning to Lust, he tossed his green tresses from side to side. “I told you we should’ve tried this from the very beginning. Little boys are all the same.” Kneeling beside Ed, he traced his tongue across the blonde’s injury, lapping up the blood. He took pleasure in the shivers he elicited from the prisoner. “But you wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Get the wrench, Envy,” standing up, she glared down at the other sin, using her free hand to gesture towards the closet. “And then you may leave.”

“I’ll do what I want,” he muttered under his breath, making his protest sound ironic as he trudged across the barren hotel room and towards the dresser. “No one tells me what to do.” Offering one more devilish snicker, he bent over an open drawer, hiding the contents from view as he rooted through each pile.

Lust sighed, turning back to her victim. “Now, where were we?” steadying her hold on the wall, she sank to her knees, making eye contact with the older Elric brother. She examined the golden orbs, smiling to herself as she saw them flood with uncertainty. He looks so bewildered. So lost. Noting the way his face blanched at each touch, she leaned in closer, letting her breath dance down his neck. He tensed underneath her. It really is too easy to break a human. She followed his stare, smirking as she saw his gaze drop to her chest. Pressing in closer, she clicked her tongue against his ear, fully understanding why the boy was frozen in place. Too easy.

“What are you doing?” She did not realize Envy had returned until he gave her arm a sharp nudge. Turning to him, she saw a twisted grin playing on his features. “It little Shorty enjoying himself?” Pinching Ed’s cheek, the oldest sin pushed himself between Lust and her prisoner, straddling the boy’s leg as he banged a wrench against the steel prosthetic. “Let’s see how happy we can make you. How does that sound?” His giggle sounded almost girlish as his hand inched up the other’s thigh. “Maybe with a little persuasion you can see things our way?”

“S, s, stop it!” Ed’s face flushed. He growled under his breath, frantically trying to shake away the Homunculus’ hold. Seeming to forget the condition of his flesh hand, he jerked forward, screaming in terror as the puncture turned into a jagged gash. “I’ll, I’ll,” giving in to his position, he pressed himself back against the wall, trying to catch his breath. “I’ll never see things your way.”

“Hmm, what a shame,” heaving an emphatic sigh, Envy tangled his fingers in the boy’s locks, giving a sharp tug. “I guess we’ll just have to wait until your brother shows up, then. I’m sure with a little prodding he’ll be glad to tell us where you’re hiding the stone.” The Homunculus leaned forward, flicking his tongue across the prisoner’s neck. “Of course, you could make things much easier for both of you if-.”

“Envy,” Lust prodded him, her eyes narrowing as she noted the warped desire on her companion’s face. He shouldn’t be acting like this. Not now. That person wouldn’t like it. Annoyance coursed through her veins. Doubting that Envy cared half as much about the Philosopher’s Stone as he did about pleasuring himself, she used her unoccupied hand to clench his shoulder and drag him back to reality. “Just remove the limbs and leave.”

“OK, OK,” whining to himself, he stepped back slightly, clenching the wrench in his fist as he examined the boy’s vulnerable position. “You ready for this, Shorty?” Not waiting for a response, he tore at the alchemist’s shirt, exposing his metal shoulder. Nodding to himself, Envy loosened screw after screw, finally giving a sharp tug and ripping the arm from its fake joint. He laughed as sobs escaped the young boy’s lips. “Now, come on. It couldn’t hurt that bad.”

Quivering, Ed turned his head to the side, smothering his face against the wall. He could not bare to meet Envy’s amused gaze. His face heated up with both embarrassment and anger. “Don’t, don’t do this,” he took a deep breath, closing his eyes. His chest heaved. “Don’t do this to Al.”

“Nhh, and why not?” The oldest sin snickered, sliding his fingers down the boy’s chest as he tore at a tattered pant leg. “It’ll be all your fault, you know. If you just listen to me, then-.”

“Stop it, Envy.” Lust reminded him, feeling rage boiling in her chest. She hated the way the other Homunculus was acting. She couldn’t stand to see his hands on the boy like that. Staring into Ed’s eyes, she remembered the way he blushed as she pressed against him, biting her lip as she tried to suppress the lightness in her chest. Why couldn’t she stop staring at him? “I believe that person told you to wait for the younger one.” Withdrawing her nails, she attempted to retain her cold smile as the boy let out a strangled gasp. But she couldn’t. Slicing at his pants, she exposed the other automail limb, giving Envy a pointed sigh. “Hurry.”

“Fine, fine,” he glared, rolling his eyes. Setting to work on the rest of the screws, Envy discarded the fake leg, tossing it over his shoulder. It clattered to the ground, landing just out of reach. The sin gave Ed one last smile, scratching down the boy’s chest as he nibbled on his cheek. “Maybe we can continue this some other time?” He rose gracefully to his feet, whirling around and floating towards the door. “If I see your brother, I’ll be sure to tell him you said ‘hi!’”

Icy giggles resounded through the room as Envy disappeared down the hall and out of view. Watching him, Lust paced back towards the door, easing it closed before returning to the oldest Elric brother’s side. “Now, where were we?” Dropping her voice, she smiled to herself as she watched Ed’s face relax slightly. You must gain his trust. That person’s words echoed in her head, guiding her as she slid her fingers through the alchemist’s hair. It’s the only way.

Trembling against the wall, Ed stared down at his disjointed limbs, giving a helpless groan. “Why are you doing,” he bit his lip, his reply turning strained as he stared at the Homunculus’ body, “this to me?”

“Because I understand you,” shrugging, she let her hand graze the boy’s skin, amusing herself with the way his body rose to meet each touch. “I understand how easy it is to get what I want in your world.” She noted the way he shivered as she rubbed against his exposed chest. It’s so easy to break you. Reaching slender fingers to the front of her dress, she tugged at her zipper, deftly rolling the black fabric down her waist. “If I give to you, I will receive something in return,” she nodded in satisfaction as his eyes widened. “Am I correct?”

The boy gasped. “P, p, put that back on!” He nearly wailed, slamming his body against the wall as a look of terror claimed his features. His lip trembling uncontrollably, he struggled to pull his gaze away from her chest. “What, what the hell are you getting at?”

“You were looking,” her voice remained calm as she tested the distance between her and her captive, seemingly unfazed by her unclothed state. “I noticed.” Running her nails up his leg, she gave an exasperated sigh. “I can tell you want this.” Brushing his protests aside, she sealed the distance between them, capturing his lips in a bruising kiss. She pressed her tongue against his mouth, but, when met with painful resistance, was forced to retreat. “Come now,” she whispered into the kiss, becoming intrigued by the way this simple action seemed to elicit tremors in the boy’s chest. “I’m willing to give you what you want if you help me.” Reaching for his injured hand, she traced over the wound with her lips. “There’s nothing to be afraid of.”

Ed refused to meet the Homunculus’ stare, instead turning his eyes towards the door. “I’ll never help you, you,” he chanced a glance at the dark-haired figure, flushing a dark shade of crimson, “monster.”

“Is that what you really think?” Slipping her finger under his chin, she met his stare with a sly smirk. Capturing his hand in her own, she led the fingers towards one of her uncovered breasts, squeezing his hand around the ivory flesh in an attempt to end his struggling. “Do you really think of me as a monster?”

“Leave me alone!” He demanded, though his plea sounded less than convincing. His fingers turned to ice as they brushed Lust’s skin. “Let go of me!”

“Haven’t you ever done this before?” She took his strangled gasp as an answer, smiling down on the young boy with mild interest. “Oh, is that so? But you’ve dreamed about it, I suppose,” enjoying the effect her prodding questions had on the alchemist, she closed her eyes and guided his fingers across her chest, concentrating on the way his breath quickened against her face. He’s so innocent. Untainted. And so confused. She leaned back, studying the blonde as he worked her breast in his clumsy palm. His lips contorted into an embarrassed grin, a grin that Lust found strangely appealing. A grin that nagged at her memory, seeming all-too-familiar. This is perfect.

Nudging the boy to the ground, she straddled his waist, gazing down at the disarray of torn clothes and missing limbs that lay sprawled beneath her. His eyes watered slightly, and he cringed as he watched her hike up the hem of her skirt. He looked so vulnerable. Lust knew she had the boy in her clutches, understanding that he would obey her every whim. And she enjoyed that feeling. She was in control. “Now, Edward,” she let her fingers wander to the bulge in the front of his pants. He swelled under her touch. “Perhaps you want to tell me where you are hiding the stone?”

He hesitated, trying to catch his breath. “No, no, I,” he finally managed to find his voice. “I can’t, I-.”

“Edward,” she continued, ignoring his response as she ripped the remaining cloth from the boy’s severed leg. Her hands gripped the metal stub for support as she bent over his chest. “This will be easier if you cooperate,” she nibbled at the juncture where flesh met steel, tracing each scar with her tongue. Kissing up the inside of his thigh, she bit down suddenly, laughing to herself as his muscles clenched in pain. “Easier for us, and for your brother.”

He snarled, swinging his other leg with vengeful resistance. “Get off now!” He sobbed, breaking down as he watched her lips venture towards his arousal. “Get off of me, please!” He had given up his tough façade, crumbling in front of his captor as he hid his face in his shoulder. “Don’t, I,” he grimaced as her teeth skimmed his heated flesh, clenching his fist until his injury reopened and a new stream of blood pooled on the floor. “Please.”

“I’m sorry,” she hissed, offering him a weak nod. She met his gaze, searching it, unable to pull herself away. From her position on the floor, she saw into the golden orbs, gasping in disbelief as they turned to glowing crimson. A hazy memory of red eyes, lost and unsure, desperate for comfort, burned into her thoughts. They mesmerized her, guiding her lips as they swallowed the blonde’s flesh.

Those eyes. They were so scared that day, so sure that someone would find them and punish them for their immorality. He was so certain his brother would find out. Moaning, she strained to capture each detail, trying to drown herself in the recollection. Those eyes were so far away, but, watching Ed, they seemed within her reach. “I can’t stop now.”

(Part Two will be another response to the pairing challenge...AlxEnvy...it should be posted within the next week)

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