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Episode 26

{This episode was not the greatest, let me tell you that.
Funny, though. It's basically chapter 17.
Yep, the anime is in the 5th volume.

It starts off with Maria, Roy, and Riza talking about Ed paying his bills for the hospital, etc. This is when Izumi and her husband come in and say:
"Hey!" Her husband
"Oh! Great. Let's go." Izumi.
They leave.
Roy-tachi are all: "o.O;; The fuck?"

New opening. Awesome animation, okay song.
I'll rip it later.

Ed-tachi are in Rush Valley.
A random girl is all: "oh~ Look~ A beautiful ring!! Oh, buy it for me"
"Oh, I will, honey!!"

Cut to Winry drooling over Automail.
Ed and Al: "... o.O; ... -.-;"

Cut to some automail shop.
An older man and a teen girl are speaking with each other when this20-year-old-ish guy comes in.
He's annoying to the other two, so they ignore 'im.

We cut back to Ed-tachi.
There is an automail arm westling contest.
The guy that says "Ready... HAI!!" is an alchemist that breaks the table everytime the guy with huge arms is about to lose.
We see this with the girl that we "met" at the automail shop.

Then they ask Al. Al says "Oh, no!! Ehehehe... ^^;;"
Then he looks at Ed. "Oh, I wonder if there is anyone else here with automail that is a real challenge..."
"WHAT WAS THAT?!" Al holds Ed back.
"Oh? I bet your automail is horrible, anyways..."
Winry: "... >(?! Al... let go of Ed."
He does.

They start and Ed breaks off the guy's automail hand.
They win the money.

Later on... They meet up with the automail guy and his friend that did the alchemy.
"Hey!! You cheated by using Alchemy" Ed yelled.
"Ed, did you use alchemy?" Winry asked.
Ed: "Yeah."
Winry: "Is this true?"
Al: "Yeah."
Winry: "I see... ... Ed?"
Ed: "Yeah?"
She starts beating Ed, Al, and the two contest people with 'er wrench.
"Ed is an idiot!!" She leaves.

Roy is at the crime scene.
Armstrong wishes to speak with Roy.
Riza, Roy, and Louis talk about the testimony of a witness.

Winry meets up with the girl from before, Paninya.
They talk about automail.
The girl says that she was in a car accident and lost her legs and right arm when she was little. Someone took her in and gave 'er automail.
Winry looks at the arm and says it's awesome.

They go to the shop and Winry looks at it some more.
The shop owner comes in and gets kinda jealous.
Winry says "I am automail maker, Winry Rockbell."
The guy is all... "Can it be... Pinko ROCKBELL?!" Cut to Girl laughing with that li'l censor mark on her face.
"You mean Oba-chan? Why?"
"Oh, nothing!!"

Cut to Winry going to see Ed with Paninya.
Winry asks for his Alchemy pocket watch.
Paninya steals the watch and runs away.
Winry says that Ed has to learn how to deal with life without alchemy.

Ed gets his watch back.
Paninya starts to fall of the building they are on. Ed uses Alhcemy to save her. He creates thin rock-hands from the walls to help break her fall.
Oh, new BGM, by the way. *Can't wait for OST2 now.*

Ed-tachi is at automail shop.
Paninya's guardian comes in and says "hello". He's stressed from work.

Cut to Roy-tachi.
Scieszka fins out Hughes died, etc.
2 state alchemists come in to see Roy.

Cut back to Al.
Al runs into Izumi's husband.

Back to Ed and Winry in the store; resting.
Winry asks why there is automail and stuff.
She starts to cry.

Al runs in.
"This is bad, nii-san!!"
Izumi's husband is with him.
He is VERY angry.
Ed: "O.O... *semi-faints*"

New Ending.
The ending song is pretty and the animation is just Winry.
Yep, Winry fanservice ending.

Episode 27:
"Sensei (Teacher)"
Al: "I'm very sorry... Sensei... We are... Mother is..."

That's it. o.o;

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