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News from the world of Newtype!

This month's issue of Newtype has two articles on everybody's (well, at least this community's) favorite Alchemist of the Fullmetal kind!

Newtype USA December 2005 includes an episode 35+ spoiler article. It's divided into three sections- "High Tension", "Living in Sin" and "Military Madness". Hairjob!Ed is at the FRONT of the article, in background for "High Tension". On the next page, the image of Envy holding up not-so-alive Edward. ("Living in Sin")

"High Tension" summarizes about the Philosopher's stone, basically.

"Living In Sin" goes into the Homunculi briefly and hints at the end of the series.

"Military Madness" talks about the ever crack-tastic episode 37, and the main characters. (My favorite caption: "Sure enough, this is Armstrong's sister. Holy crap...." The image is of her lifting the piano. XD)

After that, Page 93 details the "Fullmetal Alchemist Summer Expo" in Tokyo in August. Arakawa-sensei's "delicate watercolor illustrations" were on display, rarely-seen manga panels and even a lifesize model of Alphonse and Edward. (I swear to god, those pants must be leather.) There are photos of the military's shoulder-rank-display things. (They've got the gold stars and blue and yellow stripes on them, you know what I mean.) They even had something that resembled Winry's workbench, tools were spread out on top of it and someone's Automail arm could be seen. "Alchemy symbols were scrawled on a wall, and below them stood a bookcase of worn textbooks and shelves containing potions and a few preserved animal specimens- creepy!" They also had Roy Mustang's desk- his gloves were left in a tray next to a specially-made prop phone. They had State Alchemist Medals, certificates and paraphernalia. "The Museum-like atmosphere then took an ominous turn with the red-tinged Philosopher's Stone Chamber from the series' mid-season climax re-created as a waiting room (a bit twisted when you think about it)."

The best part of the expo?

"It [the philosohper's waiting room XD] led to the event's final attraction, a short film screening that cast viewers as a State Alchemist trainee. Various characters on screen would intermittently address the audience, creating a thrilling yet hilarious vibe. A short briefing was followed by an air raid, then a frenetic confrontation with the evil gang of Homunculi."

The article goes on to say "Now that's fanservice."


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