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Because I love you all... - Edited to include both Calendars

And I know you've been asking for pictures/scans of the calendars...
Save what you want, please don't hotlink, my boyfriend's room mate is gracious enough to let me use his server and such, I already feel bad for using it as I do.
I need to apologise because these aren't the OMG GREATEST pictures in the world but... it's kinda hard when they're so large. I was so concerned with not getting glare that they've got a bit of perspective -_-

Click on the image to see the XXXXx1600 version

I'm going to have two versions of this page... one is warm, the other has a really nasty glare.
First warm colored:

Roy got a bit glared on... stupid window.

I'm sorry... I can't seem to find this one on the page vxjasonxv ordered them from....

If anyone here is looking for this calendar, vxjasonxv ordered them for me from Here and see? I was even nice enough to find the exact page for it

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