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Fic dump

Title: Obsession
Pairing: *^____^*
Rating: Hard R
Warnings:  Manga spoilers, slight non-con, angst, etc.
Notes: For dragontrap's b-day.  ^^
Summary: I fell asleep, Mustang decided, watching Fullmetal play with his braid again. It was the only explanation. He fell asleep doing paperwork. Wasn’t the first time he fell asleep at the desk.

 Obsession )


Two Ed!het ficlets.  First: Ed/??, angst, smut, AU, guess the pairing *coughs*.  Second: Ed/Izumi, angst, odd writing style, probable AU, implied sex.


Still Breathing


Two short Hed ficlets, both which can be blamed on kageotogi.  First one has implied shota and creepy!Hoho-papa.  Second one has non-con and kinky smut.




A/N: I know there's a line in here that's not really Winry-friendly, but there's no Winry!bashing here.  Just a bit of a misunderstanding.  *shrugs*</p>

Apple Slices )

And I think that's enough spam for now.


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