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EnvyXWinry fanfiction!

I will write a fanfic or drabble with the pairing
and include the following things:
knife, sun, chair

Don't know what pairing to write?
Then let the Fullmetal Alchemist Pairing Machine decide for you

my first fanfiction of envyxwinry...hope you all like it! it my be rated G but i couldn't resit puting a few bad words in it....*sweatdrop*

"So Envy...do you really think that this Winry girl has any information about Edward." Asked Lust, as she looked into the distance. "I'm not sure but if she dosn't then I'll just kill her." replied Envy "Then can i eat her?!" asked Gluttney, his stomach rumling. "No, not this one...she'll be important to us later." Lust said "So Lust have you gotten an info on the other homunculus?" asked Envy, as he changed into Pinako's body...and changed his voice. "No...I havn't." She replied "So do you think that, that body will work?" "Yea...I'm sure...this Pinako lady is her grandma or somthing...all I have to do is get the girl alone." said Envy


'I wonder how Edward is doing' thought Winry, as she sat out by the bedroom window...'I hope he didn't brake my automail again...or anything else...I don't know what I would do without him and Alphonse...'"WINRY!" yelled a voice from down stairs. "huh, what is it?" she yelled back. "Can you run to the store and get some milk," said the voice "Maybe you can get your mind off of the boys?" "Yea, your right, i'll go get ready." Winry said, as she headed down the stairs to put her shoes on.


"Okay so i need milk.." she said to herself as she started to laugh...*giggle*"Edward hates milk!" "Your right...Edward does hate milk..." said a voice, from behind the corner. "Who are you?"said Winry, pulling out a wrench from out of no where, ready to attack whoever it is. "Winry, darling...you woudn't hurt your own flesh and blood would you?" Said Envy, as he walked infront of Winry. "Pi Pinako, what are you doing here? I thought you stayed at home to make some adjustments on an automail order?" Winry said, as she put her wrench away, taking a deep breath of relaxation. "Oh, Just forgot to tell you somthing..." He said, as he pushed Winry on to the chair behind her. "Pi Pi Pinako? I don't get it?" she asked "Oh, I'm not Pinako... My name is Envy!" He said as he turned back into his true form, leaning closer to Winry to whisper something in her ear. "Tell me where the Elric brothers are? Or I will be forced to kill you." "...The Elric brothers...Do you mean Edward and Alphonse?" asked Winry "If so, I'm not going to tell you where they are!" *shock* "What! your not going to tell me!" said Envy, putting his hand up to her neck, about to choke her. "Okay...I'll tell you!" said Winry, afraid at what Envy might do to her. "I...I...I...don't know....they probably are at central but i'm not sure..." "Hum....okay, i'll believe you girlie..."said Envy "But you're coming with me." "I can't just leave!" yelled Winry, as she jumped up off the chair. "Pinako will get suspicious!" "Oh...I don't think that she'll get suspicious...." he said, as he pulled out a knife. "You can't!" said Winry "You can't hurt her, you won't hurt her...you...you...bastard!" "What a bad little girl...I wouldn't hurt her...just put her to sleep for a little bit..." said Envy, Then with out think thinking Winry jumps up and wraps her arms around him and puts her lips out against his...then moves them away and lets go... "Don't hurt her...don't lay one finger on her...she's the only family I have." she said as tears came from her eyes, hitting the ground. Envy looked down at the tears that had fallen, than back at her face... "I don't know why the hell you kissed me, but...I won't hurt her...I guess...I just have a thing for pretty girls, with sappy excuses..." "...Thank you...." said Winry, as she wipped her tears with her hand. "Okay..Okay...enough with the water works..."said Envy, as he turned around and started to walk off."Hey! wait, where are you going?" She asked "To Central... were do you think!?" He replied "...I'm going to...I have a duty to protect those boys whenever I can."said Winry, almost about to cry again. "Fine...fine...but if you get hurt don't blame me!" yelled Envy, looking up into the bright sun..."Damn it why am I even doing this...Lust won't approve of this..."


WOOT!!!!!! the first chapter is finnaly done!!!!!!!!!! i'm so proud! and it only took me um forever! just keep in mind to ignore all spelling errors and grammer mistakes...i'm not that good with english and stuff....i did though try to fix all i could....


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