Misery Hates Company (miserywhip) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Misery Hates Company

Looking for some images

Alright, back with some more annoying questions.

Basically, anything he wears - anywhere - that's not a fanart.

I already have plenty of pictures of his typical 15-year-old and 12-year-old outfit. Basically, what I'm looking for are pictures of him from childhood flashbacks... He wears a lot of different things, when they're kids. Or various other clothes he wears during the series.
Also, anything from those little "extras" pictures that are made. Like, those pictures they put in the DVD booklets.

Pride Ed would be cool, too, but I think I already have anything that would be of use for him.

[Edit: Full body pictures would be an added bonus. Thanks to everyone that's helped, so far!]

Yeah, I think that's it...
Thanks, for anyone that'll help.

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