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Father-Son Bonding Part 3

Title: Father-Son Bonding Part 3
Chapters:1 and 2
Author: animethief92
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Hoenheim Elric/Edward Elric
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA
Cross-posted to: fma_yaoi and alchemy_sex

It was torture having to sit here all day while thinking about that young body that could be doing some wonderfully erotic things with me right now, was at Central probably in Roy Mustang's office this very minute. I can't say I hated Roy, but I often had the feeling that he was trying to become Ed's lover. Unfortunately for him, that position is already taken by me; meaning he'd have a better chance becoming Fuhrer than being my son's lover.

I was just passing the time by taking in some of the new features to the large city of Central, which had grown massively since the last time I remembered visiting. Something I didn't do often was sight-seeing, but considering all that's waiting for me at home was a house to clean and other tedious tasks, I preferred this.

There were a few people who glared at me as if I was doing something wrong just by walking in public, but most were friendly and waved or gave nods of acknowledgement. One woman began whispering to her friend who giggled like a little girl and then tapped me on the shoulder.

"Sir, are you married?" She asked, her large green eyes looking up at me hopefully.

I looked over her again and found that she had to be more around Ed's age, and for some reason it made me wonder whether Edward had ever had a girlfriend. It sent a jealous pang throughout me, but I didn't give even the slightest trace of what I felt when I answered her.

"No, but I'm afraid I already have a lover. But don't worry, there are plenty of men for you to choose from." I saw a small smile that was genuine even though I had just turned her down; humans were always such strange creatures.

She walked away, and I continued on my way passing many small shops that held things of little interest to me. None of it really mattered when I could just create anything I wanted with alchemy, and that way it would always be free. I didn't find money as desirable as many seemed to.

Eventually, I found myself wondering dangerously close to Headquarters, as Ed called it, and I knew I shouldn't be there. If anyone in the military found out about me being around, I'm sure they would try to arrest me for something. Especially considering that the Fuhrer was one of the homunculi created by the woman I wanted to stay away from most.

Not to mention, if Edward somehow could see me lingering around out here, he'd get pissed and probably try to get away from me.

"Then again..." I felt like I was willing to deal with his struggling and cursing if I could happen to find out what Ed and Roy did when I wasn't around.

It was risky, inconsiderate to Ed, and plain stupid to sneak in right under the military's nose but I felt as if I had to know or else the curiosity would eat me away from the inside out. I decided to make my own military uniform and hat with alchemy, but found it easier to knock out one of the annoying guards when he saw me. Coincidentally, we were both almost exactly the same in height, body type, and his hat was big enough for me to stuff my long hair out of sight.

This would be fun, I told myself constantly, and just another peek into what Edward does when I'm not around to see. Ever since he'd come to stay with me, he'd been unwilling to tell me about what he does when he's not cooped up in my house. He also refused to tell me about how close he was to Roy Mustang which just made me all the more curious to find out.

In a way, there was nothing wrong with a father being interested in what his son does when they aren’t around. But I figured that maybe I had surpassed the limit with this by knocking out a guard, stealing their uniform, sneaking into a military facility, and then spying on him. Maybe that had just gone over a certain boundary of privacy on Ed’s part.

“It’s just a little eavesdropping, nothing that’ll do permanent damage to anyone.” I stopped as I came to Roy Mustang’s door, “And hopefully not to me…”

I casually leaned against the wall, or as casually as I could without anyone recognizing me as an intruder, I pretended as if I was on break. All the while, I was intently listening to what the two voices were saying in the room behind me.

“You damn bastard!” Was what I heard most from Ed, but because the wall muffled the sound so much, it was hard to tell what else was said.

After a while, I grew impatient and moved closer to the door and tried listening harder. Now I could actually hear part of their conversation.

“It probably wouldn’t be good if you keep leaving all the time like this. Now that the Fuhrer is watching us more closely, if you keep going around to every single lead they’ll get even more suspicious. We can only take the chance if we have some evidence that we’ll actually get something out of this.” Roy’s voice wasn’t quite as muffled as I had thought; all I had to do was get a little closer.

“I know that Roy but… I have to find the Philosopher’s Stone and find a way to create it without killing so many people.” Ed sounded strange, kind of embarrassed from what I could tell but then again I was listening through a door.

“Stop Roy…” I could hear Ed moving closer to the door and I was ready to hurry away when I heard Roy say something that made me stay.

“Why do you suddenly not want to do this?” Roy’s voice almost sounded like a disguised plea, a very well disguised plea. “You never objected to this before, it’s been like this ever since you’ve started living with your new roommate or whatever he is.”

“Listen,” I assumed the loud thud I heard was Ed’s automail hitting a table or desk, “I’m not feeling good lately. I haven’t been getting enough sleep and I’ve been thinking a lot. Just give me a while, okay?”

I heard loud footsteps coming towards the door, so I started walking back towards the way I came. I felt myself smile as I exited through the door’s and get rid of the uniform so I could put my own clothes back on. The whole walk home, all I could think of was how different Ed had reacted from how I thought he would.

I definitely trusted him more now.


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