Just another crazy LJ-er (inane_nana) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Just another crazy LJ-er

trying my luck

Hey folks,

You know when you're reading an awesome fanfiction and you are so engrossed into it that your jaw falls on the floor when you realize that there is no little button at the bottom right of the page to take you to the next chapter and you KNOW that the fic is not finished?

Yeah. Frustration.

So I was reading The Shadow of Desire, by Zefyr and -who would've thought?- the same thing happened. Considering how excellent it was [the slow-pace of the fic and the characterization are incredible], I was wondering if anyone knew if this fic had ever been completed, maybe on another archive or something? I checked the author's website, and it doesn't provide much help. Sorry to bug you guys, but I figured that someone in this huge and wonderful comm would know about the status of the fic and if there's a hope of it ever getting updated.


Thanks to kytyngurl2 and stick_figure for pointing me to the site. You can go there if you're interested too :3 Really, you should.

/end pimpage

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