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Got a tablet for my birthday and as I'm a girl without a scanner this means art. So art is is. All cuts fake-cut to the same post on my journal. x-posted to places. Don't think I need to bother to say not to steal, but here it is.

Title: Disregarding
Caption: "The second time Ross caught Winry doing something she shouldn't be doing, Winry's response was quite different."
Genre: B&W sketch, yuri (Ross/Winry), PG

( "Disregarding" [Fake Cut] )

Title: Vulnerability
Caption: “It’s getting cold outside,” Martel mused. “Makes me lethargic.”(From my Excuses)
Genre: B&W gen sketch (Martel)

( "Vulnerability" [Fake Cut] )

Title: Comfortable
Genre: B&W gen sketch (Martel and Alphonse)

( "Comfortable" [Fake Cut] )

Title: Roll Your Eyes
Genre: Color gen sketch (Martel)

( "Roll Your Eyes" [Fake Cut] )

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