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Fanfic.. Hehe, I tried.

Well, I tried on fanfiction guys. Tell me if you like it or not.

Its my first time making a fanfiction so... sorry if it REALLY sucks. XD

Title: Letting Go
Pairing: Ed/Win

Ed looks around and finds no one by his side. He starts to panic and gets worried.

"Is anyone here?" Ed steps into the Rockbell's house and finds no one there either.

Oh, no. Don't tell me Winry isn't here. Why isn't she here?

Ed looks around, checking every room, and finally finds Winry in the back of the house.

"Winry? Winry is that you?" Winry turns around and is shocked. She can't believe he is back.

Ed can tell what she is thinking by just looking at her. He can't believe he left her here all this time. All alone.

"Win, I'm so sorry" Ed says as he pulls her into his arms and embraces her tightly, acting as if she was going to just slip away.

"I'm so sorry I left you alone. I'll never do that again I pr-"

"You what. You promise?" Ed's eyes widened as he heard those words.

He felt like someone just kicked him in the stomach and just left him hanging there.

"Look, Ed I-I didn't mean that in an offensive way. It's just that, I know you didn't mean to leave me alone. You had to leave. You did it for yourself and Al. I knew that. So when you left, I.. I decided to just let go of you."

Winry starts crying as she tells Ed this. She never wanted to do this. Never.

"What? B-but why Win? Why are you doing this? I thought you wanted me to stay. Stay here with you! I thought you loved me!" Ed starts to yell at her, forming tears in his eyes as well. Tears of sadness. Sadness, and fear.

"I'm sorry Ed, but I decided this because.." Winry starts backing away, sobbing, acting as if she was being pulled away from him.

"Winry? Winry where are you going? Don't leave me!" Ed starts to run after her, but she just dissappears into the thin air, leaving him.

"Because letting go is the one way of saying.."

"I love you.."

"Winry!" Ed shoots up out of bed. He looks around and finds himself in bed, soaking from so much sweat.

What? I-I'm in bed? Was it a bad dream then?

Ed gets out of bed and goes downstairs to see if Winry was there.

Where's Winry?Is she here? God dammit where in the hell is that gi-

Ed stops to find Winry standing right in front of him, locking the door to the back. She turns around and gasps to find Edward right there just staring at her.

"Ed! Geez Ed, you scared the heck outta me. What's wrong with you? You look like you've seen a ghost or some-"

Winry's words were stopped by Ed's mouth covering hers, his hands on her head and his eyes shut tight.

Her eyes widen in shock as Ed kisses her.

Ed then lets go of her head and pulls her to his arms and hugs her. Hugs her so tight, she would probably hit him in the head with her wrench for this after, but he didn't care.

He just didn't want to let go.

He didn't want


to let go.

"E-Edward.. Why.."

"Winry, please.. don't you ever let go of me. No matter how time I go, please, just wait for me. Promise me you will wait for me?" Ed says as he gently kisses her head.

Winry puts her own arms around him, returning his embrace and starts forming tears in her eyes.

"I.. I promise Ed.. I'll never let go."


Well... I hoped you liked it! Please comment and tell me your opinion.


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