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More observations from Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixer

Yaaay, this game is so crazy. XD

1) 'Mysterious Man' and 'Mysterious (Chimera) Woman' are soooo OTP... XD

2) "Oh Crap! We gotta go!" I think this means he's about to crap his pants.

Yaaay, chapter 5!

3) "Hey! Let us go to Bord'wan with Riza! She's hot, and we might get some action with her, with her out of your sight! X3" X3 I think that's what Ed's true motive is at the beginning of Chapter 5 ;)

4) Riza: But I don't want little boys to come with me! They're not legal yet!

5) I can so see the alterior motives for the Elrics going with Riza on a mission... XD

6) Damn you Riza! Why didn't you shoot Ed?! THIS CRAPPY FANFIC OF A GAME WOULD BE OVER THEN! X3 But I loved Ed's reaction though XD XD

7) I just fought off a buttload of Gate-peeps (shush, that's what I'm calling them, cuz when they first appeared I was like, "OMG GATE BABIES!" and then I found out they come in various sizes, so Gate-peeps they get to be called X3) with a lil hammer that made lil money effects all over... X3 WHEE FOR 60-HIT COMBOS!

8) Hahaha, Oh man, I bet we'll find Havoc dead out here X3. He's so screwed if he's in a village full of gatebabies... XD

9) I just took a peek at my items... and get this... I have an item called 'Beef', which I got from Transmuting the 'Artistic Cow' (aka Arakawa-sensei) when she was done kicking Scar's ass. This is what the description says: "Though cheap, it's what's for dinner." XD

10) I love how Riza keeps shooting things even though they're dead. XD

11) Riza thinks that there will be 'huge, powerful, and lurking nearby..." I think it's something small, weak, and hiding somewhere... XD

11) Alphonse is worried about the 'Mystery Shooter'. What if this 'Mystery Shooter' is someone that wants to hurt them? Would he be worried about their well-being after that? XD


13) Ed and Al should learn to stop trusting people who talk like zombies. They're not healthy.

14) Ed: "You saved our lives, Lieutenant." Now lets go have some illegal pedo sex!

15) Mmmm, thanks, I sure did want to hear that long conversation about sensing danger. And Riza just insinuated that she cares for the boys because she just protected them XD.

16) Riza: "Maybe it's too far away for the monsters to find?" Hmm, well, maybe those are some really lazy monsters cuz I was just fighting a buttload of them in the previous screen ¬_¬

17) Riza: "It's not just that picture... All those books in here seem to be about those creatures..." How'd you know? You read these before? Or did you use your SUPER HAWKEYE POWERS to instantly look into every single book about Gate babies in this particular library? *rolls eyes*

18) YAAAY! The "I'm hotter than two chimeras mating in a boiler room." quote! Not quite the meaning I was wanting... (*was hoping Ed was explaining how sexy-hot he was, not temperature-hot ;_;)

19) Oh yes, better make sure you didn't lose any internal organs in that teleportation, Ed...

20) "Naw, I'm intact, just a lil loopy..." You're always loopy Ed! X3

21) So Old Mr. Indiana Jones Rip-off man drops his pipe... yet it's still there on his character drawings for conversations... XD

Whee, all I'm playing tonight. ^^

BTW, anyone know if/when the third FMA game is going to come to the states? I can't wait to play as Ed in his boxers... X3

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