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Hi! ^^ Um..well..I come bearing three fanart. Um er...follow the cut! ^^

Yes, um anyway, the first one is Ed. It's not really good...but I thought I'll post it anyway! I copyed it from one of the manga picture.


The second one is a bit..how do you say it...bloody. Yes... I mean, it's called 'Young Edward Elric In Pain' so I guess you could kinda guess what it's about. I just drew alot of pictures of Ed in pain. Most of them are from Tankoubon 6.


And the last one is called 'Secret'


On the top, it says 'It's a secret' and Al is saying 'Nii-san...' The reason why is because, if you can't recognize it, Ed killed Roy. Why? Because Roy wanted Ed to wear a miniskirt. Hence, Roy is writing 'Ed IN minisk---' . I guess you could call it light RoyxEd... You might recognize the positing Roy is in. It was in one of the yon-komas.

Another reason I'm posting is to advertise my RP community....again. Just take a peek at it, please?


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