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[Author] Mara D (Watarisgirl/Lady Jade)
[Series] Fullmetal Alchemist
[Pairing] RoyxEd
[Rating] Not work safe. NC17
[Beta] cherrymelle
[Spoilers?] Yes. It's fairly AU. My take on the end of the series, The movie doesn't exist at all for me.
[Chatter] Well, so we have reached the end. At least, of this story. There are loose ends, and I realize this. This is because I am planning a sequal. A misbehaven sequal that has the possibilities of an RoyxEdxAl. Apparently I am discontent with only the usual levels of hell I exist in. Eh, enough about that though. I have no definite plot ideas for what's coming next. So...enjoy this rather short but fluffy ending?



When Roy’s senses began to return to him, the first thing he noticed was that fine droplets of water were falling on his face. He was cold and sore and…wet. There were sirens wailing, loudly, close, and someone was shaking him.

“This one’s gone.” Someone shouted. “The other guy’s got a pulse!”

He opened his eye slowly and glanced around.

He felt light, strangely…hollow, and yet his body felt better. Stronger, despite the taste of ash in his mouth and acrid stench of smoke.

He was staring into the dawn, the sun rising above him turning the clouds orange. Someone was pulling a weight off of his chest, and he felt even lighter.

He glanced down.

Ed just looked like he was sleeping where he was limp in the other man’s arms. But something was…wrong…

What were they doing out here? Sleeping outside was foolish…they could catch…cold…

More water fell against his face and he wrinkled his nose up in protest. Turning his head he saw a few men in uniform scrambling around, and firefighters combating a blaze. A fire? He was getting wet from the spray of the hose…

It clicked then, and Roy sat up with a low sound of surprise.

“Easy buddy, I’ve got you, lay back, take it easy!”

Roy found himself staring into the unfamiliar face of a foreign soldier. He was dizzy and nauseous.

Ed! Ed was hurt!

“Help…help…Fullmetal!” Roy gasped as the man tried to push him back to the ground.

“General…we can’t help him, just lay back until the medic gets here.”

They couldn’t help Ed? They couldn’t?

“No!” He cried out quietly, pulling himself upright and glancing around again.

It was moderately controlled chaos; men everywhere were busy, taking pictures and putting up tape.

Someone had covered Ed’s chest with their jacket, folding his hands over his breast, the breast that was far too still.

Roy struggled to Ed’s side. The other soldier had tried to stop him, but Roy was panicked, and so the man let him go.

Roy stared down at Ed, that chest that did not rise or fall, that skin that was pale and blood splattered.

“No.” Roy whispered as his life shattered. He had let Ed down. He hadn’t been there…he hadn’t been enough and…

He cradled Ed’s still form slowly to his chest, bowing his head and closing his eyes as his shoulders started to shake.

“No!” Roy whimpered then, the sound one of dry torment as he held Ed tighter, breathing in the scent of smoke and flint, blood and grass and just…Ed.

“NO!” Roy sobbed, this time, the tears began flowing freely with the shuddering cry. “Nonononono.” Roy cried out in disbelief, holding Ed against his chest. He would will himself to fix Ed. He could tear the heart from his chest, the lungs from his body and give them to Ed. Whatever it took so long as Edward Elric lived.

The other man was standing with his back to Roy, attempting to give a General a bit of privacy, when Roy felt it.

A tiny sigh from the body in his arms, and then a gasp.

Roy thought he was hallucinating as he reluctantly lowered Ed to the grass, studying that white face.

Color was rushing back to skin, to lips that had been gray. His mouth was open ins a combination of a wheeze and a moan. Edward gasped again then raggedly, like a man pulling air back into his lungs after a blow to the gut.

The soldier who had been watching over them turned then and stared.

“He isn’t dead?”

Roy shook his head. “Not yet…he’s breathing!” Roy said lowly, pulling the jacket away from Ed’s chest so that he could at least check the wound that had been there. Ed must have been stunned by the concussion of the energy and now he was still trying to survive. If they just got him to a hospital…a doctor…anything....

Despite best attempts, there was soon an audience as Roy managed to fumblingly tear open the front of Ed’s tank top.

There was blood…but…

He smoothed his hand over where he knew the wound to have been. Nothing. The skin was slightly pink, but there was no injury. Roy noticed something else with a slight sound of disbelief. The shoulder port of Ed’s automail was conspicuously missing. The bolts gone, the skin smooth where there had once been plate.

Roy made a soft sound, something very much like delight singing from the pit of his stomach and up his spine.

With hands that were shaking, he slid Ed the rest of the way out of the overshirt, inspecting the limb with awe.

It was whole, perfect…he had not noticed it before when Ed’s hand was resting on his chest, but even then, fingers had been flesh…he recalled that much now.

“What…what is it sir…I don’t see any injuries, but there is all this blood?” The soldier said softly, leaning over Roy’s shoulder to stare at Ed. This young private had never seen Ed with his automail, he wouldn’t understand how this had changed…

Roy laughed just slightly hysterically.

“I don’t believe it.” Roy said lowly, laughing again as he dashed his eyes dry on his dirty jacket sleeve, feeling panic, devastation give way to cautious hope and disbelief.

He leaned down and bunching the fabric in his fist, lifted Ed’s left pant leg, exposing inch after inch of perfect flesh.

“Nothing…nothing…is wrong…” Roy said softly as he kept staring.

He wondered.

He turned his head then, away from the men around him, and hesitantly lifted his eye patch

He blinked in disbelief.

He could…see…perfectly…

His field of vision was not narrowed down to a ray of color and some shadow…it was…perfect.

His fingers came up to stroke his eyebrow and his cheek bone. The scars were…gone.

He tore the patch of then in one spiteful motion.

He would never need that scrap of fabric again.


Roy spun at the sound of that rough and weary, but very much alive voice.

“Mhhh…what…happened?” Ed grunted as he sat up, swaying.

Roy ambushed him then, pulling him close to his chest again, and this time holding Ed closer, hugging him until he squeaked.

“Ow…jesus bastard…what would all your big bad General friends say if they saw this…where is Envy?”

“Sir, with all due respect, would you please tell me what happened here? General Brohnson will want to know.”

Roy held Ed until he was numb and weary, until he was laying back to the grass with Ed against his chest. He couldn’t keep his eyes open any longer, he was weary.


Ed stood shakily next to the grave stone he had just created. Roy was standing silently beside him, only moving to lay down a bouquet of flowers on the gravestone. Ed took a shaky breath. He had collected a few books from his father’s laboratory, and then they had destroyed it. Destroyed everything. (The fire department had been thrilled to be back in so short a period of time.)

Ed was staring downwards, still acting a bit stunned.

“I don’t get it Roy…how did this…there was no equivalent exchange, was there?”

Roy snorted. “It was our energy Edward, our life force. Don’t you remember how long we both slept? The power, it was meant for healing, but we were using it as a weapon. The backwash of it as it returned on us…that did the trick of healing, I think. As for Envy…we didn’t really burn his remains to cinders as much as the force of the power destroyed them as we gave it direction, as we released it. The energy was practically sentient, since it was a part of us. It makes sense that it knew where to go and what to do. I think what were doing was actually biological reparation alchemy. Remember the arena? Grass does not just randomly grow like that in the winter.”

Ed hummed to himself.

“I guess it makes sense…but then, did we heal Dante? Do you think…She is still out there somewhere?” Ed asked Roy, tilting his head a bit and blinking in the bright summer light.

Roy took a slow breath, the cicadas around him singing in throbbing cadence emptying his mind.

“I don’t know.” He said lowly. “Envy is gone. I am certain of that. I saw him burst into flames myself, and there was a pile of ash…with bone fragments…you know that.”

“I know, I just…wonder. That’s all. Dante was…desperate.”

Roy shook his head.

“I cannot say. But I can tell you this much. There are no more homunculi…at what cost, I don’t know. At least we have managed this much. I do not think she is capable of making more, and that is reassuring. She is putting everything she has into keeping herself from falling apart right now. We can hope that will be enough to dissuade her for now, that is…if she survived.”

Ed smiled up at Roy then, it was weary, wounded and broken, but there was a spark of hope there.

Roy couldn’t help it when he leaned down, pulling Ed to him for a thankful and searing kiss. It might have disintegrated further, but Ed finally pulled away with a regretful sigh.

“Listen you one eyed…wait…I can’t call you ‘the one eyed tyrannical shit General’ anymore, can I?”

Roy snorted, all but preening with a smug expression on his face.

“Okay General Shit, what I was trying to get at is, that as much as I would like to kiss you more, and I would, we had better get walking or we are gonna miss our train. And I have a very hysterical brother to hug, and you have an angry Ishbalite Fuhrer to give details to.”

“Ishbala I hate paperwork.” Roy moaned.

“You hate paperwork? At least you won’t get beaten in the head with a wrench!”

Roy barked, a sound without any real mirth and perhaps a bit of fear.

“This is true.”

“And you know, I really hate to admit this, but we are getting reputations with the military as a bunch of fire starters. We have got to stop destroying shit.”

Roy laughed again, and this time it was full throated and joyous.

“Fullmetal, I might be the Flame Alchemist, but the highest destruction to mission completion ratio lies heavily upon your shoulders.”

“Hey Roy?”


“You better start running.”

“I am a General, we do not run.”

“Better get used to the idea, ‘cause when I catch you, I’m gonna kill you.”

“Hah. You couldn’t catch me if you tried. Your legs are far too short, and without a mechanical one to rely on to be tireless, I am afraid you are a touch out of shape!”

“Are you calling me so short and fat that I could not even catch a desk job softened General in a race to the train station?!”

“Precisely. I couldn’t have said it better myself Fullmetal.”



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