Velvet Mace (velvet_mace) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Velvet Mace

Smut -- I mean Fic -- dump

Here are two very different but kinky fics. The first is a continuation of a series of smut fics from several months back.

TITLE: Center of Attention (Contracts Cycle part 3.1)
PAIRING: Roy x Ed x Al
WARNINGS: AU. Bondage, dubious consent, cross dressing and a variety of other kinks. Brotherly fighting.

WORD COUNT: Omg! 10,000 words!!! (ok, 9922 but pretty damn close.)

Previous parts:
Part1.0 The Third Rule Roy/Ed
Part 1.1 Revenge Roy/Ed
Part 1.2 Good Clean Fun Roy/Ed
Part 2.0 Marigold Roy/Al
Part 2.1 Betrayal Roy/Al
Part 3.0 Roy's Turn Roy/Ed/Al

All parts are NC-17, and kinky.

( "What did you do with Al?")

The second is Het, but lest anyone think I might be normal, the pairing is a wee bit unusual.

TITLE: Unhealthy Desires
PAIRING: Riza x Human!Barry the Chopper
WARNING: Consensual PWP with a side of WTF. Discussion of bloodplay, torture and snuff. Kinky. Squick. Not brain safe.

(Barry was unworthy of her lowest attentions.)

Obviously, my fics are not for everyone (some may say they aren't for ANYONE), so be warned, WAFF this ain't. Not even remotely.

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