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Wow, I've been practically non-existent, excluding the few times I had enough time to comment on a piece of art or fic that was floating around the communities, or chatting with [info]yandoryn on Trillian or AIM.

Damn, am I a lazy ass. Well, I've drawn a few pics, and I STILL haven't finished that lovely RussEd pic sitting on my computer for [info]jade_pen, and he's been waiting for this thingy for... a month or so now? I'm a bad fanartist, for I haven't drawn fanart. Maybe I'll try coloring the RussEd to make it extra pretty for Jade...

Anyways, here's a couple of pics that I've drawn, one with Maria Ross in a red bra and matching panties, and another of EdxWin (OMG I DID HET THAT MIGHT BE CONSIDERED CANON!!! O.O). The EdxWin picture was for a contest on a guild up on Gaia, since I usually don't draw coupling pictures unless they're having cracktasticle sex. Thus, you go clicky, me go happy.

EDIT: Thanks to a reviewer, I realized that I had forgotten a warning for this post. The Ross picture may not be work-safe, so if you are at school or wherever you work, refrain from clicking the link. Ross' pic is about PG-13, while the EdWin one is G. Sorry about that folks!

( Give Ross some sexy love, as Ed and Winry relax in the leaves. )

Now, off to my RussEd, and then... Pimp!Parody! (followed closely by GranxRoy/BradleyxRoy/ArmstrongxRoy thingy I'm working on).

Where'd I put my crack pipe...
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