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FMA/Lost crossover.

I just hope this is on topic! XD

Ed ---> Sawyer, cause they're both stubborn.

Al ---> Jin, cause no one understands them.

Roy ---> Jack, cause they're both leaders.

Riza ---> Kate, cause they both have a thing for guns.

Hughes ---> Charlie, cause they're both hyper.

Hohenheim ---> Locke, cause they both know everything.

Lust ---> Ana Lucia, cause they're both sluts. (my apologies to the Ana Lucia lovers out there)

Gluttony ---> Hurley, cause... well, it's pretty obvious.

Izumi ---> Rousseau, cause they both lost their child.

Winry ---> Shannon, cause they both lost their parents.

Trisha ---> Rose, cause they're both waiting for their husbands.

Feel free to add more!

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