Misery Hates Company (miserywhip) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Misery Hates Company

My first FMA fanfic, for your viewing pleasure.

Or... Torture. Like chinese water torture. Slow, and painful.

My first FMA fanfic, and my first fanfic in eight years.

Title: None, yet. Suggestions would be great. For the story title, and chapter titles.
Author: miserywhip.
Theme: Help on this department would also be appreciated.
Rating: G, maybe PG if you want to stretch it.
Word Count: This Chapter: 271. Whole Story: 271.
Completed: Typed: Chapter One. Written: Four Chapters. (Entire fic.)

Warnings/Other: Although it follows canon storyline, and hopefully character personalities are done right; completely AU.

…The start of it, anyway.
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