Mary Maxwell (miki05) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Mary Maxwell

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Its crack...

Its all crack baby. XD Mary officially lost whatever she had left...

If you don't understand the order...neither do I...XD Its from Left to right.

Mary: Hi! My name is Mary!
You may know me because of my obession with FMA
Of course I am a big EdWin fan! So you will never see me with Yaoi FMA!

Ed: -Shows up- Hey Mary, your Doujinshi Arrived!
Mary: -turns around quickly-
Ed: ???

Ed: Is yaoi isn't it...?
Mary: Give it NOW!

Mary: Hehehe.. Roy is kinny. -It was a yaoi doujinshi-
Ed: She never learns her own lesson....

Comment away...I was...out of this world really.

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