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Observations on Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixer

I recently purchased and started playing Fullmetal Alchemist 2: Curse of the Crimson Elixer, (Yeah, finally...) and I've been making some observations on the terribly hilarious writing of this game.

1) Cornello calling Ed and Al 'Nosepickers'

2) Thugs calling Ed and Al 'Weenies'

3) Edward telling Al how he'll give Al a good polishing after they get outta the sewers... implying some bizzare form of Elricest... @_@;;

4) Alphonse talks about 'thousands of gallons of water' rushing through the floodgates in the sewer, and all Ed can think of is, 'I gotta pee.'

5) Ed just used a pun for 'sure'. He said 'sewer' cuz he's in the middle of one... X_X

6) You can find Kitties in this game now. And... Alphonse can equip them! @_@;; *Equipped an exp bonus kitten to Alphonse right now*
They mew when you go idle and Alphonse sits down.

Daaaamn, End of chapter 2/start of Chapter 3 is just plain full of crack! What is it with Roy and Hughes always generating crack?

*wrote these down on a post it cuz mom was using comp*

7) The "If secruity in East City was as tight as your ass, we wouldn't have this problem." Ed says towards Roy... XD XD

8) Roy calls Hughes 'This doting daddy' O_o?

9) Roy thinks that there's lots of men with scars on their foreheads in East City. I wanna see that...

10) Ed wants to show Roy this ring... Roy is like, "I cannot possibly accept this kind of gift from another man." Woo hoo Roy/Riza fans rejoice. XD

11) and the ring madness continues! Hughes thinks Ed wants to give it to a chick... and then Hughes jumps to conclusions that Ed wants to hit on Elysia... WHO'S ONLY TWO YEARS OLD! Even Alphonse scolds Edward for 'starting early' with his girls. Hughes even says "I smell something fishy. And it isn't cod."

12) and thus it evolves to Hughes wanting to BBQ Ed.
Hughes: "How about some roast shrimp? I'll get the skewers" *uses scary 'I HAVE A GUN' face*
Roy: And I'll provide the flame... *Smirk with sparkle*

13) Roy thinks it's creepy that he has to owe Ed one. o_O?? (MORE ROY/RIZA HINTS!)

14) Roy also mentioned how he didn't want Ed to die on his watch... (The reason I know is cuz he dosen't wanna fill out buttloads of paperwork ;) )

15) Fought Scar! Inevitably, unbeatable too! But I unleashed Arakawa-sensei upon him and took a chunk outta him, while I stood on boxes and let Alphonse suicide on him several times. X3

16) When Ed gets back to the office, Havok (or Riza?) calls Ed a brat. Hughes calls Ed a shrimp. Roy calls Ed 'useless' (cuz he just got called useless himself because he wanted to take Scar on in the rain. HAH HAH!). So thus, for his crazy-expression, they change his name to 'Usless, bratty shrimp'. XD

17) Armstrong asks if Ed wants his blankie...

18) Beat Armstrong with no alchemy! Yay! What I got for winning? He raped poor Edward offscreen. X3

I'd appreciate it if no one post any spoilers beyond the 'Hill Caves' thing in Risenbol chapter. I'm still in progress with this game.

I might perhaps post more observations, if anyone gives a flying grandma.

X-posted to my journal that no one reads
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