Elf From Space (elffromspace) wrote in fm_alchemist,
Elf From Space

Winry/Ed Lemon: Routine Maintenance

Hehehe! I beat Eloy! She and I were having a Duel to the Death to post the first Ed/Winry lemon (although Wardove beat us both) Actually I posted this several hours ago, but got lazy and only hit fma_het first. Now also crossposting to fm_alchemist, ed_winry and fmalchemist

Anyway mine is a faily humorous interpretation of a certain doujinshi which features Winry taking advantage of Ed while he's missing his automail. My lemon tries to give Ed a bit more control over things than the doujinshi does, but it follows the same general theme.

Here's a link to the Winry/Ed Hentai Doujinshi. It's moderately graphic, so again, click with caution. I didn't follow it exactly, but it does give you some nice visuals to go with the lemon. on, in mine Winry definitely takes the lead, at least in the beginning. Please comment, here or where the fic is posted!

Take your pick of where to read

Mediaminer: click here for smut
Adultfanfiction.net: click here for smut

Thanks, Eloy, for helping me write part of it XD and helping me beat you! Also thanks to everyone else who commented and helped me with ideas and such.

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