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Royai Drabble and it's my first FMA het fic XD

A drabble that had been in my mind for a while.....and my first het FMA fic o_o;;

Title: Light My Candle
Author: kyatto
Pairing: Hinted Roy/Riza
Rating: PG for mild swearing
Disclaimer: I do not own Roy, Riza, or FMA ^_^
Word Count: 605


It was getting late. The sun had set and the streetlamps were aglow. Snow fell from dark clouds and fluttered slowly to the ground, piling up along the sides of the roads and on windowsills. It was indeed a beautiful winter’s evening. Riza Hawkeye only wished she could be out then to enjoy it.

Unfortunately, the young soldier still had office work to take care of. The others who served with her under the command of Colonel Roy Mustang had already finished up their work and head home, even the Colonel himself. So she was in the office all alone.

She grumbled to herself as she filed through some paperwork, annoyed by the lamps flickering from the cords being chilled. Her main source of light came from a single candle on the corner of her desk, and it cast a warm glow on her face as she leaned over to fill out a form and set it atop a large pile beside her. How she wished the Colonel hadn’t decided to leave early so he would be able to take to his part and get this done.

There had been a silent promise between the two ever since she starting serving under him, that he would become a great leader and she would do whatever she could to make sure he reached his goal to get to the top. In truth, she had more than a subordinate’s admiration for the man, she also harbored feelings for him. She let a chuckle slip her lips as she could hear her dog, Black Hayate, barking and chasing snowflakes outside. It reminded her of the Colonel and how he mentioned he had a liking for dogs.

“Damn,” she muttered as she blacked out what she just wrote. During her reminiscing of him she had wrote down her name as ‘Riza Mustang’ instead of ‘Riza Hawkeye’. She cursed to herself, glad the Colonel wasn’t there to see that small error, and cursed again when a small gust of wind slipped through the cracks in the window and blew the candle out.

She pulled open a drawer and rummaged for the matchbook, then pulled it out and flipped it open. It was empty. She had used the last match on that candle. With a sigh, she squinted and resumed finishing filling the last of the forms. After a few minutes of squinting her eyelids began to grow heavy. With a quick glance at the clock, she crossed her arms on the desk and rested her head on them, her body deciding to take this opportunity for a nap.

Not much time had gone by before she felt newfound warmth on her shoulders and back and opened her eyes. During her nap, a long black coat had been placed on her shoulders. She reached up with one hand to touch the soft fabric, and then took a look at her desk as a small light caught her eye.

The pile of finished paperwork was gone and the only paper left was the one she made the cross out on. She picked it up to take a look at why it wasn’t taken away as well or thrown out then noticed what was written next to her mistake. In handwriting that wasn’t like her own was written the word ‘Yes’. A smile finally formed on her lips when she looked over and saw the candle was lit again. She wrapped herself more in the coat and gazed out the window at the snow. In the candlelight with the snow falling behind her she was beautiful, just as beautiful as the evening itself.


I hope you all enjoy! Not looking for fic crit at the moment 'cause I'm still practicing writing het stories.

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