Amata (rougaroux) wrote in fm_alchemist,

A Story

Title:The Page Boy
Author: rougaroux
Disclaimer: I don't own FMA or any characters associated with it.
Warnings: Spoilers for end of series.
Theme/Challenge: 40baisers #11 Fairy Tales
Fandom: FMA
Pairing: Al/Winry
Rating: G

When Alphonse Elric was a little boy, his mother used to tell him fairy tales. She’d sit up late with him whenever he wasn’t able to fall asleep; his brother sprawled out in a deep sleep on the bed next to them. She’d hold him in her lap, and together they would travel to mythical lands, filled with amazing creatures, spectacular sights, and different oddities.

The stories that Alphonse liked to hear the most about were the ones with a heroic knight, a man in shining armor who would go save the princess. The princess was always the tragic damsel in distress, always locked up in a tower/dungeon/cottage/cave; anything to keep her away from her beloved, the prince. Sometimes if she was lucky, she would be able to escape before then getting lost and captured again, taken back to her prison. Only when the heroic and handsome knight came was she finally able to be set free.

When his mother was gone, Alphonse would still think of her stories. He would remember the lingering smell of her breath as they leaned in close together, whispering stories to each other as the night wore on. He would often pretend that he was in these stories, as their (his brother’s and his own) travels seemed to be very much the same. Whenever it was late at night, and Al could hear the steady breathing of his brother in the other bed, he would compare his stories to his mother’s. While hers always had the main characters in it, there was also usually a page boy, a lowly servant, a comrade, to help the dashing knight in his quest for the princess. Never once did the page get the princess; that’s not how things are done in fairy tales. Al would often sigh at this thought, always putting himself in the position of the page, and his brother as the knight. This is fair he would think seeing brother’s the person who always gets things done, the one people go to if they have a problem.

Years later, Alphonse Elric would sit back on a hill, watching the sunset with the woman he loves in his arms. Her blond hair would be spread out over his arms, her warm body pressed against his own, and at times like this he would have to smile, thinking of his mother’s fairy tales. Only this was his fairy tale, and in this one….the lowly page boy got the princess.
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